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University of Sydney

University of Sydney entry requirements into medicine

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Important: Following information has been adopted as a form of reference from the University of Sydney website in July 2022. We highly recommend that you visitthe University of Sydney Medical School Page for the most up-to-date and more comprehensive information about the Bond University medical program. 


Degree - Bachelor of Arts/Science & Doctor of medicine (MD)
- Doctor of Dental Medicine
Campus locations Sydney
Dentistry - Westmead centre for Oral Health, Surry Hills and Camperdown/Darlington
Duration - Doctor of Medicine (4-year full time)
- Doctor of Dental Medicine ( 4 years full-time)
Start Date February
Entry requirements Medicine
How to Apply
- Apply through UAC. There is also a separate online assessment process including a written assessment followed by a panel discussion

Undergraduate - Undergraduate admission is available for high school leavers who have achieved exceptional results. Only 30 domestic and 10 international places are available in these degrees. The seven-year double degree medicine pathway combines the Doctor of Medicine with an undergraduate degree in arts or science.

Graduate - Graduate admission to the Doctor of Medicine is possible on completion of an eligible bachelor's degree from an Australian university to be eligible for admission to the MD course, applicants must have:

-A bachelor’s degree accredited at Level 7 under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) or a bachelor’s degree accredited at Level 8 under the AQF, from an Australian university or self-accredited educational institution; Or
- A bachelor’s degree from an overseas institution if the degree is equivalent to the standard of an (Australian Bachelor’s degree)
- Achieved a qualifying bachelor’s degree with a satisfactory minimum GPA score of 5.0 during the application process.
- Achieved 50 in each section of the GAMSAT to be eligible for the admission process.

ATAR of 99.95 for general applicants, E12 applicants need 95 and indigenous applicants need 90.

Subject Pre-requisites: This course has a mathematics course prerequisite.

Recommended Subject:
Chemistry, biology, and mathematics. English competancy is essential as part of the admission criteria.

UCAT: Not required

GAMSAT - Required for post-graduate students. Each section of the GAMSAT will be used to rank the applicants. Neither overall GAMSAT score nor average GAMSAT score will be taken into consideration during the assessment of applicants for the University of Sydney MD course.

No interview

There are two ways to enter the DMD program

Admission for undergraduate students
Undergraduate admission is available for high school leavers who have achieved exceptional results. The seven-year double degree dentistry pathway combines the Doctor of Dentistry with an undergraduate degree.

Admission to this course is on the basis of the following criteria:
- A secondary education qualification such as the NSW Higher School Certificate (including national and international equivalents).
- An online assessment process including a written assessment followed by a panel discussion. The results of this assessment will form part of the ranking of applicants.
- English language requirements where these are not demonstrated by sufficient qualifications taught in English.

Admission for graduate students
Graduate entry is a four-year postgraduate course for applicants with a bachelor's degree.

ATAR - As a guide, for 2022 entry a minimum ATAR of 99.6 or equivalent will be required to be considered
Subject pre-requisites - Mathematics Advanced (Band 4) or Mathematics Extension 1 or 2 (Band E3).

UCAT - Not required for undergraduate entry.

GAMSAT - required for graduate entry into the Doctor of Medicine program.

Interview - No interview
Number of places Medicine: For the Doctor of Medicine (graduate) - 300 - both Commonwealth support and Bonded Medical Places. 70 full-fee places for international students in the Metropolitan stream.
For provisional undergraduate entry - 30 places.
Dentistry: 20 places for undergraduate students. Up to 120 for graduate students entry into the Doctor of Dental Medicine
Additional information For detailed information about the application process and up-to-date course admission guides, please visit the University of Sydney's medicine page.

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