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Central Queensland University

How can NIE help you with getting into a medical course at CQU University:

UCAT - You will need to sit the UCAT and achieve a competitive score. NIE offers intensive UCAT preparation workshops, personal UCAT training, and online course. For the full list of UCAT preparation resources click here...

Important: The following information has been  sourced as a form of reference from CQU website. We highly recommend that you visit the Central Queensland University - Medicine webpage for most up to date and more comprehensive information about the CDU medical entry program. 

Interview Preparation Workshop  

Confidence Development Strategy Webinar for Medical Interviews

Personalised 1-on-1 preparation for interviews

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Degree/s - Bachelor of Medicine Science + Doctor of Medicine (MD) - Undergraduate
- Bachelor of Dental Science
Campus locations Medicine - Bundaberg Rockhampton - Bachelor of Medicine Science
Doctor of Medicine - Herston St Lucia
Duration Medicine - Bachelor of Medicine Science (3 years) + Doctor of Medicine (4 years) - Full time
Start Date February
Entry requirements How to apply
Medicine - Apply via QTAC, sit the UCAT in Year 12, if invited, attend an MMI interview. Applications for 2025 close on 30 September 2024.

For medicine -
95+(Lower for rural applicants) - with adjustments 

Tertiary students: Current tertiary students are eligible to apply. Please visit CQ University website for more details.
Subject prerequisites: Medicine - Year 12 English, Mathematical Methods, One of Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

Recommended studies:
For medicine - Chemistry, English, Mathematical Methods, One of Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

UCAT: Required for medicine at CQ University. The UCAT ANZ scores from all 5 sections will determine a ranked list for interview. The level of achievement the university requires will vary each year, determined by the performance of all applicants competing for a place in the Medicine course and will not be disclosed.

CQU medicine MMI Interview:

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to participate in the MMI. Your performance at the interviews will make up 50% of your total addmission score. MMIs are designed to assess your non-academic qualities and provide you with opportunities to demonstrate skills and qualities such as verbal communication, adaptability, and empathy.
The MMIs involve a circuit of interview stations. At each interview station, shortlisted applicants will respond to a scenario with a number of questions. Applicants will move from one station to the next, with short breaks between each station. While there will be multiple applicants attending the MMIs, each applicant is interviewed on a one-on-one basis at each station.
MMIs will take place online. For more information about MMIs, watch our how to prepare for an MMI video.

CQ University interview dates:

Invitations for CQ Medicine interviews are usually extended via email in late October and Pathway to Medicine student interviews will be held from the end of November 2024 to the beginning of December 2024

Number of places Medicine: 40 (20 Bundaberg, 20 Rockhampton)
Additional information For detailed information about the application process and up-to-date course admission guides, please visit Central Queensland University's official website.

UCAT 2024 testing begins in...

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