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Monash University

Services and resources offered by NIE to assist with Monash University entry requirements into relevant medical courses

UCAT - You will need to sit the UCAT and achieve a competitive score. NIE works in partnership with Kaplan who is the world leader in UCAT preparation resources. We also offer intensive UCAT preparation workshops, personal UCAT training, and hardcopy UCAT preparation textbooks. For the full list of UCAT preparation resources click here....

Monash University Medical Interview - Selection for Monash Medicine Multiple Mini interviews (MMI) is based on a combination of an applicant's UCAT and ATAR scores. The cut-off score is determined by the distribution of scores each year and therefore changes depending on each cohort. Over the past 24 years, NIE has helped thousands of successful applicants to become better prepared for their medical and dental admission interviews. We offer a range of intensive and highly effective interview preparation programs for which you can enroll now. Contact us to see how we can help you achieve success at your medical interviews. For the full list of medical interview products and services click here...

A word of caution from NIE! 

Monash University allows very little time between the time students are invited for interviews and the actual dates of the interview. The timeframe is especially tight for interstate and NZ applicants. Therefore NIE highly advises that you do not wait around until you have received an interview before you start your preparation. Prepare early and avoid unnecessary risks. Also, remember that Monash will interview you only ONCE. Meaning that if you underperform at your interview, your future chances of getting into Monash medicine will be also be undermined. 

Important: Following information has been adapted from Monash University's website on September 2022. We highly recommend that you visit Monash University Medical School Page for the most up-to-date and more comprehensive information about their programs.  

Degree Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine
Campus locations Clayton Campus, Melbourne (Also Bendigo Campus for Bonded Program)
Duration 5 Years Full-time
Start Date February
Entry requirements

ATAR: Makes up 33% of the total admission score
90+ (non-rural applicants should realistically aim for 95.5+)
Subject prerequisites: Units 3 and 4: a study score of at least 35 in English (EAL) or at least 30 in English other than EAL; Units 3 and 4: a study score of at least 30 in Chemistry.
Recommended studies: Biology
UCAT: Makes up 33% of the total admission score
All domestic applicants are required to undertake the UCAT. Selection for interview (MMI) is based on a combination of an applicant's UCAT and ATAR scores. The cut-off score is determined by the distribution of scores each year and therefore changes depending on each cohort.
Interview: Makes up 33% of the total admission score
Interviews will be held online via Zoom. Monash uses the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) for the selection of students. MMI Stations comprise a series of scenarios and associated questions focusing on an applicant’s:

critical thinking
ethical reasoning

The MMI consists of eight sequential interview 'stations'. At each station, the applicant will be interviewed for eight minutes followed by two minutes for scoring and changeover (ie ten minutes per station) with a 'circuit’ taking 90-100 minutes to complete.

Applicants will be invited (via email) to attend the MMI which, depending on government restrictions at the time, will be either face to face or online. Only a set number of applicants will be invited for an interview and this selection will be based on a ranking of their UCAT and aggregate score. Only those applicants who attend an interview will remain in the final ranked list to be eligible for a place. All applicants applying for this course are only allowed to attend the interview once. Those who are re-applying for this course and have previously attended the interview for this course are not required to attend the interview again.

Monash University medicine interview dates:

Invitations for Monash Medicine interviews are issued in two stages.
The first lot of invitations are extended to Victorian and IB applicants from about 20th December onwards. Please note that the date is subject to change, especially if there is a delay in the ATAR score release process. The interviews for this first batch are conducted in very early January.
The second batch of interview invitations are for interstate and New Zealand applicants and it is usually sent after about 20th of January with the actual interviews commencing only 2-3 days after around 23th-24th January.

Number of places Medicine: Over 250 places for direct entry (undergraduate) program
Additional information For detailed information about the application process and up-to-date course admission guides, please visit Monash University's official website.

UCAT 2023 testing begins in...

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