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Griffith University

How can NIE help you with getting into a medical degree at Griffith University:

UCAT – To be eligible for the undergraduate pathway into medicine, applicants will need to sit the UCAT and achieve a competitive score. NIE works in partnership with Kaplan who is the world leader in UCAT preparation resources. We also offer intensive UCAT preparation workshops, personal UCAT training and hardcopy UCAT preparation textbooks. For the full list of UCAT preparation resources click here....

GAMSAT Medical Interviews– To be eligible for the postgraduate pathway into medicine, applicants will need to sit the GAMSAT. Following the achievement of a competitive score, applicants will be offered a postgraduate medical interview. NIE offers a Medical Interview Techniques Manual which students find absolutely essential tool for GAMSAT Interview / Oral Assessment preparation. For those who feel that they would like an extra edge and complete training, NIE also offers personalised one-on-one mock interviews and coaching with personalised feedback and university-specific training sessions. 

NOTE: Information in relation to Flinders’ courses have been extracted from the Flinders’ University official website. For more detailed and up-to-date information about the courses and programs please visit the Griffith University website …

Degree/s - Bachelor of Medicine Science + Doctor of Medicine (MD) - Undergraduate
- Doctor of Medicine - Post graduate
- Bachelor of Dental Health Science + Master of Dentistry
Campus locations Medicine - Nathan + Gold Coast
Dentistry - Gold coast
Duration Medicine - Bachelor of Medicine Science (2 years) + Doctor of Medicine (4 years) - Full time
Dentistry - Bachelor of Dental Health Science (3 years) + Master of Dentistry (2 years)
Start Date February
Entry requirements How to apply
- Medicine - Apply via QTAC, completion of a Bachelor of Medicine Science program with a GPA of at least 5
- Dentistry - Apply via QTAC, sit the UCAT in Year 1,

For medicine -
For dentistry - 99+ (Lower for rural applicants)/ IB 42
Tertiary students: Current tertiary students are eligible to apply. Please visit Griffith university website for more details.
Subject prerequisites: Medicine - Year 12 English
Dentistry - Grade 12 English, Chemistry
Recommended studies:
For medicine - Maths Methods, Biology, Chemistry, Physics (assumed knowledge)
For dentistry - English, Chemistry, Biology
UCAT: Required for dentistry at Griffith university. The UCAT ANZ scores will determine a ranked list for interview. The level of achievement the university requires will vary each year, determined by the performance of all applicants competing for a place in the Densitry course and will not be disclosed.
For Post-graduate medicine - Interviews are conducted as a Multi-Station Mini Interview (MMI). You will be asked a series of questions in relation to a scenario and will comprise of eight separate assessment stations, all of whiich will be completed by each candidate. The Griffth University Multi-station Admissions Assessment (GUMSAA) interview has been designed to assess qualities such as communication skills, empathy, ethical judgement, professionalism, decision-making, motivation, learning style/team-work skills, personal management and self-evaluation skills and prosocial attitude.

For dentistry - Selection for admission to the Bachelor of Dental Health Science degreee is based on performance in the Multiple mini Interview (MMI). Following the University receiving UCAT ANZ results, applicants will be selected for the Multiple Mini Interviews based on their score. The MMI's will require students to attend an online multi-station interview on 24 or 25 November 2022. The interviews will assess applicants suitability based on five factors: Motivation to study and work in Dentistry, Teamwork skills, Communication and Empathy, Ethics and Social Awareness and Critical Thinking skills.

Graduate Entry - Doctor of Medicine (MD) - GAMSAT pathway
- Complete bachelor degree with a minimum GPA of 5.00
- GAMSAT test with a minimum of 50 in each of the 3 sections (Each GPA and GAMSAT score each have a 50% weighting)
- Success in the Griffth University Multi-station Admissions Assessment (GUMSAA) interview

Griffith university interview dates:

 Interviews for all postgraduate applicants will be held at Griffith University's Gold Coast campus is September. Undergraduate dental applicants are interviewed in late November.
Number of places Medicine: 200 in the Doctor of Medicine course / 80 places reserved for undergraduate entry through the Bachelor of Medical Science pathway
Dentistry: 40
Additional information For detailed information about the application process and up-to-date course admission guides, please visit Griffith University's official website.

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