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The University of New South Wales

How can NIE help you with getting into a medical course at UNSW: 

UCAT - You will need to sit the UCAT and achieve a competitive score in order to be considered for a place at the UNSW medical program. NIE works in partnership with Kaplan who is the world leader in UCAT preparation resources. We also offer intensive UCAT preparation workshops, personal UCAT training, and hardcopy UCAT preparation textbooks. For the full list of UCAT preparation resources click here...

UNSW Medical Interview - Over the past 24 years, NIE has helped thousands of successful applicants to become better prepared for their medical admission interviews for the UNSW undergraduate medical degrees. We offer a range of intensive and highly effective interview preparation programs for which you can enroll now. Contact us to see how we can help you achieve success at your medical interviews. For the full list of medical interview products and services click here...

A word of caution from NIE! 

UNSW Medicine Faculty allows very little time between the moment students are invited for interviews and the actual dates of the interview. Therefore NIE highly advises that you do not wait around until you have received an interview before you start your preparation. Prepare early and avoid unnecessary risks. UNSW medicine interviews are fast-paced panel interviews and your interviewers are often highly respected professionals from the medical and they are often directly involved with teaching medicine at UNSW. These individuals can often have high expectations of the interviewees and you are only given the best part of 20 minutes to deliver. Hence, timely research and preparation are key factors for success at UNSW medicine interviews.  

Degree Bachelor of Medical Studies / Doctor of Medicine (BMed/MD)
Campus locations Kensington, Sydney (NSW) & Port Macquarie Rural Clinical School (NSW)
Duration 6 Years Full-time
Start Date February
Entry requirements

ATAR: If you're applying to study based on your NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC) results, you'll require a minimum ATAR of 96.00 to be eligible for consideration. 96+ Locals & 91.55 Rural (rural applicants realistically should aim for 96+)/ IB 38 +

Subject prerequisites: no prerequisite subjects

Assumed knowledge: English Standard. English as a Second Language and Fundamentals of English are not considered suitable preparation

UCAT: All applicants must complete an external test (UCAT ANZ) and also complete an interview.

Interviews are offered based on your selection rank and UCAT ANZ overall score. Interviews are offered to applicants with the highest combined ranking in these two areas. Your results won’t be averaged. You must receive sufficiently high marks on both selection criteria to be successful at this stage. There are approximately 500 interview places for local applicants each year.

UNSW Medicine Interviews are structured (Panel interviews) and cover a wide range of relevant topics. There will be two interviewers who are either academic staff, medical practitioners or community representatives. If you’re shortlisted, you must be available to attend an interview during the interview period, which is listed in important dates. All interviews will take place face-to-face on the UNSW Kensington campus. If you can't attend, your application will not progress further. Selected information from your application form (UNSW Medicine Application Portal) will be shared with your interviewers before your interview.

University of New South Wales (UNSW) medicine interview dates:

20 - 24 Nov 2023 - Rural Entry Scheme: Interview round for Rural Entry Scheme applicants (face-to-face)
14 Dec 2023 - Interview invitations are sent to selected NSW/ACT applicants, for the first interview round. Applicants who have not been selected or who will be considered again for the second interview round will be e-mailed as well.
18 - 21 Dec 2023 - First interview round (non-rural entry scheme applicants)
8 Jan 2023 - Interview invitations are sent to selected interstate, overseas, IB applicants, and NSW/ACT non-rural applicants for the January interview round. Applicants who have not been selected will be e-mailed as well.
11 Jan 2024 - Round 1 offers released through UAC
16 - 18 Jan 2024 - Second interview round (Interstate, overseas, IB applicants, and NSW/ACT non-rural applicants)
19 Jan 2024 - Interview invitations are sent to selected applicants with NZ NCEA and CIE results only, for the final interview round.
24 Jan 2024 - January Round 2 Offers released through UAC
31 Jan 2024 - Final interview round (selected applicants with NZ NCEA and CIE results)
8 Feb 2024 - Feburary Round 3 offers released through UAC

Number of places Medicine: 198 (Domestic) and about 90 (International) places
Additional information For detailed information about the application process and up-to-date course admission guides, please visit University of New South Wales medicine page.


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