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The University of New South Wales

Sydney (NSW) & Port Macquarie Rural Clinical School (NSW) 

How can NIE help you with getting into a medical course at UNSW: 

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UNSW Medicine - Bachelor of Medical Studies / Doctor of Medicine (BMed/MD)

If your application meets the required criteria to study at UNSW Medicine, you may be selected for an interview with us.  

How am I selected for an interview?

Interviews are offered based on your selection rank and UCAT ANZ overall score. Interviews are offered to applicants with the highest combined ranking in these two areas. Your results won’t be averaged. You must receive sufficiently high marks on both selection criteria to be successful at this stage. There are approximately 500 interview places for local applicants each year.

How do interviews work?

Interviews are structured and cover a wide range of relevant topics. There will be two interviewers who are either academic staff, medical practitioners or community representatives. 

If you’re shortlisted, you must be available to attend an interview in Sydney in person during the interview period, which is listed in Important Dates. Applicants who can’t attend their interview won’t progress further. Selected information from your application form will be shared with your interviewers before your interview. 

Academic Merit

Year 12 Students

If you're applying to study based on your NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC) results, you'll require an ATAR of 96.00 to be eligible for consideration.  

The minimum requirements for other secondary results are: 

  • ATAR of 96.00 in NSW, ACT, VIC, SA, NT, WA & TAS 
  • OP3 (QLD) 
  • 37 International Baccalaureate 

Applicants with EAS points still need to meet the minimum selection criteria before an EAS application is considered. 

University Students and Graduates  

If you've completed at least one year of university study at the end of the year prior to your desired commencement in the Medicine program, you'll be assessed on both your secondary school results and university study results. These results are combined at a ratio of 50:50. You'll require an academic rank of 96.00 or above to be considered. 

If you've completed less than 0.75 of full-time equivalent university study by the end of the year at the time of your application to UNSW Medicine, you'll be assessed on your final secondary school qualification only.  


When selecting applicants to proceed to the interview stage, we consider the overall UCAT ANZ score.  

The University Clinical Aptitude Test for Australia and New Zealand (UCAT ANZ) is a two-hour computer-based test. The test assesses a range of abilities through five separately timed sub-tests. You'll be tested on Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement, each containing several multiple-choice questions.  

There is no minimum UCAT ANZ requirement, but it is expected that applicants must reach the 50th percentile to proceed to the interview stage of the application process. The Situational Judgement mark from the UCAT ANZ will not be considered.

If you have or expecting to receive a medical interview offer for UNSW Medicine then you should consider:

Enrolling into Medical Interview training workshop. Register and secure your spot as NIE only accepts a small number of students per session. 


UNSW Medicine 2021 Important Dates

2 March 2020

Registration for UCAT ANZ opens

1 April 2020

Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) applications open

1 April 2020

The Medicine Application Portal (MAP) opens

11 May 2020

On-time registration deadline for UCAT ANZ
Late booking closes on 18 May 2020
Concession application and access arrangements deadline: 4 May 2020

1-31 July 2020

UCAT ANZ testing dates

5 September 2020

UNSW Open Day

30 September 2020

Last day to lodge on-time application with UAC

30 September 2020

Last day to submit UNSW Medicine application through the Medicine Application Portal (MAP)


Last day to submit UNSW SCATS application (only if applicable)

18 December 2020

ATAR released on UAC website

18 December 2020

Interview invitations for the December interview round are e-mailed to NSW/ACT applicants

18-23 December 2020

Interviews (NSW/ACT applicants) - main interview round

If you are a Lateral Entry Scheme applicant, you will be interviewed on 18 December 2020.
All other NSW/ACT applicants will be interviewed on 21-23 December 2020.

3 January 2021

The absolute deadline to include the UNSW Medicine program (UAC course code 482000) as a UAC preference (if possible, include us as a preference from early December 2020)

8 January 2021

January Round 1 offers released via UAC


Interview invitations for the 14 January interview round are e-mailed to NSW/ACT applicants

14 January 2021

Interviews (NSW/ACT applicants)

If you are a NSW/ACT applicant and we were unable to consider you for the December interview round because your results were not available on-time, then we will consider your application again for this interview round.

21 January 2021

January Round 2 offers released via UAC


Interview invitations for the 28 January interview round are e-mailed to interstate/overseas applicants

28 January 2021

Interviews (interstate/overseas applicants)

4 February 2021

February Round 1 offers released via UAC

15 February 2021

Commencement of Year 1

UNSW Medicine Interview offers will be based on the following:

Applicants are offered an interview on the basis of the combination of their ATAR (or ATAR equivalent) and UCAT ANZ marks. Interviews are offered to the highest combined ranking applicants until all interview places have been filled (we usually interview approximately 450 local applicants each year). The overall ranking is not an average, thus to be invited for an interview, one must obtain high ranks on all selection tools – a high rank on one selection tool cannot compensate for a low rank on another.

Interviews are structured and cover a wide range of relevant issues. There will be two interviewers drawn from academic staff, medical practitioners and community representatives. All shortlisted applicants must be available to attend an interview in Sydney during the set interview period. Applicants who are unable to attend their interview on the relevant date will not be considered further.

The minimum achievements required to be considered for an interview are as follows:

  • Academic merit
  • Year 12 students
  • For applicants seeking admission on the basis of the NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC), a minimum Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 96.00 or equivalent is required to be eligible for consideration.

The minimum achievements are:

ATAR of 96.00 (NSW, ACT, VIC, SA, NT, WA, TAS)
37 International Baccalaureate
Please check the Undergraduate Entry Table for minimum achievements in secondary certificates not listed above

*Note: The figures in this table are applicable to international students only and should be considered as an approximation only. Domestic applicants with other qualifications should use the Qualifications Assessments Service.

University students and graduates
Applicants who will have completed one year or more of tertiary studies at an undergraduate level by the end of the year preceding their start in the Medicine program will be assessed on the basis of both high school results (ATAR or ATAR equivalent) and tertiary study results, combined at a 50:50 ratio. Applicants will be required to attain an academic rank of at least 96.00.

Applicants who will have completed less than 0.75 full-time equivalent study at tertiary level by the end of the year preceding their start in the Medicine program will be assessed only on the basis of their high school qualification (see “Year 12 students” above).

Selection process 

Your offer to study at UNSW Medicine will be based on three selection criteria:  

  • Your academic rank 
  • Your UCAT ANZ overall score 
  • Your interview score 

Applicants are ranked using these three selection criteria. Offers for study in the medicine program are offered to applicants with the highest rank determined by all measures. Scores aren’t averaged, a high score in one area won’t compensate for a low score in another. 

  1. Unbonded and bonded places allocationUnbonded places are available to Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents. This is the standard entry category and there are no scholarships or bonding attached to these places.The Australian Government determines the number of unbonded and bonded places available. All applicants are automatically considered for both types of places.
  2. Unbonded places are offered to the top-ranking students at the final stage until the allocation is exhausted. Bonded places are then offered until all places have been filled.
  3. The Bonded Medical Places (BMP) Scheme is only available to Australian citizens and permanent residents. In exchange for a medical place, once students have graduated, bonded students agree to work in an area of workforce shortage. You can learn more about a bonded place at UNSW Medicine in our FAQs.
  4. Campus allocation Our Kensington, Port Macquarie and Wagga Wagga campuses have a set number of places. When you complete the application on the Medicine Application Portal you can indicate which campus you’d like to study at. You can select more than one campus and order your preferences. UNSW Medicine will allocate students based on their preferred campus(es), their offer ranking and campus availability. Students who accept a place in the Medicine program at the Port Macquarie Campus for Year 1 will normally be expected to complete all 6 years of the Medicine program in the Mid North Coast (MNC) region (Coffs Harbour or Port Macquarie Rural Clinical School campuses). However, relocation to another Rural or Metropolitan campus for a defined period may be considered in exceptional circumstances. More information on studying at the UNSW Port Macquarie or Wagga Wagga campuses is available at the Rural Clinical School
  5. Students who accept a place in the Medicine program at the Wagga Wagga Campus for Year 1 will normally be expected to complete all 6 years of the Medicine program in Murrumbidgee, Riverina and Border region (Wagga Wagga, Albury and Griffith Rural Clinical School campuses). However, relocation to another Rural or Metropolitan campus for a defined period may be considered in exceptional circumstances.
  6. There are considerations to make when applying. If you select all campuses on your application, you’ll maximise your chance of being offered a place. You should only do this if you’re willing to accept a place at any of these campuses. You’ll only receive one offer for one campus. 
  7. You’re able to change your campus preferences up until the application deadline. Once the deadline has passed no further preference changes can be accommodated, regardless of circumstance.

Email NIE to discuss the preparation strategies for the styles and structure of the interview questions at the University of New South Wales. UNSW medicine interview questions. UNSW medicine interview dates, or visit the university's website for complete information about admission into Medicine at the UNSW or read about Medical Program at UNSW.

Still unsure how to apply for UNSW Medicine? View UNSW Medicine Undergraduate Guide (page 76)

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