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UCAT Tuition

UCAT Tuition Melbourne

Personalised UCAT tuition exclusively offered by Melbourne-based and established a cutting-edge tutorial organisation, offering elite-level UCAT, GAMSAT, VCE/IB tuition.

Since 1990 PTTI has assisted many students to successfully complete their VCE or IB and gain university entrance in their chosen career paths, such as Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Biomedicine, Sciences, Commerce, Law etc.

PTTI is NIE’s preferred and strongly recommended UCAT tuition provider!

PTTI's UCAT tutoring together with the unique NIE UCAT course program will:

  • Help you prepare effectively for the demanding UCAT Exam!
  • Give you that head-start necessary to put you ahead of the “pack” and eliminate the fear and anxiety felt by a majority of students prior to the exam.
  • One-on-one private personalised tuition
  • Small group tuition
  • Online via Skype video-conference
  • Medical school application review service

If you would like to inquire about one of the training services listed above, please email PTTI at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call mob. 0468 516 899 

UCAT Tuition Adelaide

For students in Adelaide, Since 2004, NIE has partnered with South Australia's leading private tutor to offer an ongoing, elite and unequalled tuition for the undergraduate medical entrance exam. Having independently tested all of the available UCAT (previously UMAT) preparation providers over a 5 year period, our exclusive trainer recognised NIE as the only organisation that delivered consistently successful results. Partnering with the NIE, the privately tutored students in Adelaide continue to show great achievement each year.

For further details please phone 1300 974 187.

ONLINE / SKYPE UCAT tutoring and UCAT live-online classes.

Our ‘One-on-One Online’ program is a great alternative for students in remote areas or students with particular requirements who may not be able to receive support otherwise.

Tutoring online, using programs such as Skype or our Online Chat service allows the same one-on-one teaching and interaction as regular sessions. We will incorporate chat and video to provide you with the highest service possible. Assistance can be organised whenever you need it at home or anywhere a computer is accessible. Your UCAT tutor will plan lessons to meet your requirements and work at a pace to suit your learning needs.

Also, for those who are unable to attend our UCAT Kaplan two-day tuition workshop, you can access the same training via live online classes. Read more...

 ucat questions tutoring workshops

UCAT 2024 testing begins in...

We can help you succeed! Find out why NIE is the preferred and recommended UCAT and Medical Interview training provider.



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