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The University of Queensland

Services and resources offered by NIE to assist with University of Adeliade entry requirements into relevant medical courses

Please note: The National Institute of Education is a privately run organisation and we are in no way associated or affiliated with The Queensland University. Our primary mission statement is to provide NIE clients with the most up-to-date information, advice, educational & training services, and resources in order to assist them with their journey into medical degrees across all Australian and New Zealand Universities. 

The MMI interview offers for UQ provisional pathway into medicine will be based on the results of your UCAT. Over the past 24 years, NIE has helped hundreds of successful applicants to become better prepared for their medical and dental admission interviews. We offer a range of intensive and highly effective interview preparation programs to best prepare you for the Queensland University MMI Medical Interviews.

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Important: Following information has been adapted from The Queensland University website in September 2023. We highly recommend that you visit  The UQ Medical School Page for the most up-to-date and more comprehensive information about their programs. 
Degree/s - Bachelor of Medicine Science + Doctor of Medicine (MD) - Undergraduate
- Bachelor of Dental Science
Campus locations Medicine - Herston St Lucia
Dentistry - Herston, St Lucia
Duration Medicine - undergraduate degree + Doctor of Medicine (4 years) - Full time
Dentistry - 5 Years Full-time
Start Date February
Entry requirements

Provisional entry
If you're in your final year of high school (Queensland Year 12 or equivalent), you can apply for the Provisional Entry pathway. You must be completing Year 12 on your first attempt to be eligible.

The minimum entry requirements for this pathway are:

- Queensland Year 12 English or equivalent
- An adjusted ATAR 95.00 or equivalent competitive University Clinical Aptitude Test for Australia and New Zealand (UCAT ANZ) aggregate score from the year you apply
- A multiple mini-interview (MMI).

If you receive a Provisional Entry offer, you'll need to complete your first bachelor's degree at UQ before you start the MD program. You have some flexibility to choose which program you'd like to study as your first degree, as long as:
- You meet the subject prerequisites for that program, and
- It will enable you to complete the required MD subject prerequisite courses.

To progress to the MD, you'll need to:

- Achieve a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 5.0 (on a 7-point scale),
- Complete the degree within the minimum time, and
- Complete the required MD subject prerequisite courses

ATAR - 95 + (Lower for rural)
Subject prerequisites: Year 12 English
Recommended studies: - Chemistry, English, Mathematical Methods, One of Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

UCAT: The minimum required UCAT ANZ aggregate score depends on the performance of applicants and available places. For the 2022 intake, the lowest UCAT ANZ score for an invite to interview was as follows:
Rural Access Scheme for Provisional Entry applicants was 2560 (52nd Percentile). Provisional Entry applicants (not eligible for the Rural Access Scheme) was 3030 (94th Percentile). This score varies each year and can't be determined in advance. If you're competative for the next stage, you'll be invited to an MMI.


Graduate Entry
If you've completed, or are in your final year of, a minimum of a 3-year bachelor's degree (or equivalent), you can apply for the Graduate Entry pathway. To meet the minimum entry requirements for this pathway, you'll need to have:

- Been awarded a key degree by an accredited Australian university or overseas equivalent
- Completed your key degree in the last 10 years
- Successfully completed the subject prerequisite courses
- Achieved a minimum UQ equivalent grade point average (GPA) of at least 5.0 on a 7-point scale in your key degree
- Achieved a minimum score of 50 in each section of the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) in the 2 years before you apply
- Completed a multiple mini-interview (MMI).

GAMSAT (25% weighting) - A GAMSAT score is required for admission

Interview- (50% weighting) The GAMSAT score and GPA used (25% weighting) to determine invite to interview depends on the performance of applicants and available places. These scores vary with each intake and can't be determined in advance. Meeting the minimum entry requirements does not guarantee admission. If you're competitive for the next stage, you'll be invited to an MMI. Interviews are conducted as a Multi-Station Mini Interview (MMI). You will be asked a series of questions in relation to a scenario at each of the eight interview stations and you will have eight minutes to respond. The University of Queensland requires applicants to submit their applications by 27th August in order to be considered for end September interviews.

How to apply
- Apply via QTAC, sit the UCAT in Year 12

For dentistry - 99+ (Lower for rural applicants)/ IB 42
Tertiary students: Current tertiary students are eligible to apply. Please visit CQ university website for more details.
Subject prerequisites: Dentistry - Grade 12 English, Chemistry
Recommended studies: - English, Chemistry, Biology
UCAT: Required for dentistry at Queensland university. The UCAT ANZ scores from all 5 sections will determine a ranked list for interview. The level of achievement the university requires will vary each year, determined by the performance of all applicants competing for a place in the Medicine course and will not be disclosed.
For dentistry - No interview for entry into this program

University of Queensland Medicine interview dates (Provisional Entry):

Invitations for UQ Medicine interviews are usually extended via email in late October and interviews are normally conducted from the end of November to the beginning of December.

Number of places Medicine: 140
Dentistry: 40
Additional information For detailed information about the application process and up-to-date course admission guides, please visit the University of Queensland's official website.

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