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UCAT Course Discounts

NIE UCAT Courses Group and HCC Discounts


1. Please send an email of your possible group members to the following email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will allocate a group code which you can use to claim your discount once the group members enrol.

2. When enrolling into a course, you will still need to make a full non-discounted payment for your chosen course. However, as soon as the nominated group members have enrolled and finalised their payments as well, then we will refund the ‘discount amount’ which you are entitled to back to your account. 



Group discount applies to UCAT-Advanced and UCAT-Comprehensive course enrolments only, and will be given to each enrolled member.

Group of 3 - $50 off per student

Group of 4 - $65 off per student

Group of 5 - $80 off per student

Group of 6 - $95 off per student

Group of 7 or more - $100 off per student

Group members do not have to be enrolled in the same course to receive the discount.

For example, in a group of three students, two are enrolled into Comprehensive course, another student is enrolled into Advanced course.  Each one of the members will receive $50 OFF their course fee.


Simulated UCAT Day

Group of 3 - $25 off per student

Group of 4 - $30 off per student

Group of 5 - $35 off per student

Group of 6 - $40 off per student

Group of 7 or more students - $45 off per student 


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