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UCAT Course Discounts

NIE UCAT Courses Group and HCC Discounts


When enrolling into a course, in your order form choose 'YES' in the field which is asking if you are enrolling as part of a group. Then, list your group members names.

At this point, you will still need to make a full non-discounted payment for your chosen course. However, as soon as all your nominated group members have enrolled and finalised their payments, then we will refund the ‘discount amount’ which you are entitled to back to your account. 



Group discount applies to UCAT-Advanced and UCAT-Comprehensive KAPLAN and MEDIFY course enrolments only.

Discount Scheme:

Group of 3 - $50 off per student

Group of 4 - $60 off per student

Group of 5 - $70 off per student

And with each additional group member, the discount will increase by an extra $10 per person. For example, a group of 8 will result in $100 off per person.

Group members do not have to be enrolled in the same course to receive the discount.

For example, in a group of three students, one is enrolled into Comprehensive KAPLAN (12 months) course, another is enrolled into Advanced Medify (3 months) course, and third is enrolled into Advanced Kaplan (6 months) course. Each one of the members will receive $50 OFF their course fee.


'KAPLAN Classroom' and 'KAPLAN Live Online' courses attract a 10% OFF per student discount for a group which has at least 3 students.  

For example, if you have 3 or more students in a  group, each will receive 10% OFF their course fee.


Simulated UCAT Day

Group of 3 - $20 off per student

Group of 4 - $25 off per student

Group of 5 - $30 off per student



UCAT NIE Simulated UCAT Day and Interview Training Workshop SCHOLARSHIP

UCAT NIE Scholarship has arisen through NIE's commitment to support financially disadvantaged students who cannot afford to purchase Simulated UCAT Day or Interview Training Workshop. 

Your application for the scholarship has to be made up of your cover letter detailing the need for the scholarship, as well as photocopies of anything which you believe can make your application strong and successful.  For example, character references from school or employer, award certificates, involvement in extracurricular and community activities, as well as any other relevant information to make your application strong and competitive. The applications will be assessed by the NIE Staff Committee. Please mail your application to: 

NIE Scholarships Admissions Officer

PO Box 3724

Fountain Plaza

Erina NSW 2250

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