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UCAT replaces UMAT

The UMAT Consortium universities in Australia and New Zealand are embarking on an exciting new collaboration with similar universities in the UK. From 2019 students interested in studying Medicine,...

I started Preparing for UMAT but now I have to sit the UCAT...

What is UCAT? How is it different to UMAT?

As you may have already heard the big change in the undergraduate medical admission process was announced rather suddenly and without any warning on Monday 24 September 2018. Essentially the UMAT...

UCAT percentile and UCAT scores requirement for medicine and dentistry. What if I didn't get the right mark?

ATAR, OP, and Year 12 academic achievement (Year 13 in New Zealand)

While the primary objective of this article is to provide some guidance to those who did not get the mark that they were hoping for in UCAT or ATAR, we would like to firstly congratulate those that...

Monash University Medicine Interview

Monash Medicine and Physiotherapy Selection Multiple Mini Interviews, MMI 2018

Selection for Monash Medicine Multiple Mini interviews (MMI) is based on a combination of an applicant's UMAT and ATAR scores. The cut off score is determined by the distribution of scores each...

MMI Medical Interview

MMI Medical Interview Questions

NIE answers all your questions on MMI Medical Interviews in Australia How do MMI Medical Interviews function at Australian Universities? The Australian Medical Interview landscape is varied and...

Universities which do not require a UCAT score.

Is UCAT a compulsory exam?

While UCAT is used as part of a selection process into most universities in Australia which offer undergraduate medicine and dentistry, there are two universities which do not actually require a...

Preparing for Medical Interviews.

Structured panel, semi-structured interviews, and MMI

Preparing for Medical Interviews So you’ve made it past the first round. You’ve gotten through the dreaded UCAT, and as September comes and goes, you get an amazing result. A few months later,...
What are the time commitments of a medical student?   You’ve probably heard a thousand different things about life as a medical student. You’ve listened to the opinions of your parents,...

Why study Medicine?

Entry from a current Undergraduate Medicine Student at Monash University.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wanted to study medicine since you started school all those years ago. And with good reason – medicine is a fantastic course, and opens the door to...

Balancing UCAT preparation with Year 12 studies

How much time should I spend on UMAT practice

How to balance UCAT with Year 12? One of the biggest obstacles to successful UCAT preparation is focusing too much on your ATAR score. For everyone who isn’t trying to get into medicine, the...

How do you structure your UMAT Preparation?

Can you study and successfully prepare for the UMAT?

There’s no denying the obvious: the UMAT is hard. For almost all of us, this three-hour exam is completely different to any secondary school test you’ve ever sat. You can’t memorise...

How to Approach UMAT Section Two - Understanding People Construct

What is assessed by UMAT Construct 2?

How to Approach UMAT Section Two - Understanding People Construct As a result of its often intuitive questions and responses, section two is typically considered to be the ‘lightest’ of the...

So Where Do I Start my UMAT Journey...

And how much time do I need to get ready for the UMAT?

At NIE, we are quite often asked the following few questions, when it comes to preparing for the UMAT using our material: So where do I start and how much time do I need to get ready for UMAT?...

UMAT Preparation Books

Printed fresh every year, and containing all updated information.

There are 8 books in Premium and DLP UMAT Preparation Courses and 10 books in the Platinum and Platinum DLP Courses. Construct Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving (previously known as Section...

What is UCAT Verbal Reasoning Subtest?

Of the five subtests of the UCAT, there is one that stands out as the more difficult to master.

What is UCAT Verbal Reasoning Subtest? Of the five subtests of the UCAT, there is one that stands out as the more difficult to master. The UCAT Verbal Reasoning section has a few...

UCAT Preparation During Summer Holidays

Important UCAT 2021 Dates

UCAT Preparation During Summer Holidays The end of the academic year is fast-approaching, and before everyone wraps-up for the long-awaited summer holidays break we would like to provide you with...

Medical Interviews and Effective Communication Skills Workshop


Medical Interviews and Effective Communication Skills Workshop   LIVE ONLINE INTERACTIVE  The next training is conducted over a two days period on the 7 - 8 November 2020   ...
COVID-19 UPDATE - At NIE, client safety, as well as our staff safety, is at most important. Therefore, during these difficult times, we will most likely conduct the face-to-face component of...

UCAT 2021 testing begins in...

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