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How can NIE help you with getting into a medical course at Flinders University:

UCAT – To be eligible for the undergraduate pathway into medicine, applicants will need to sit the UCAT and achieve a competitive score. NIE works in partnership with Kaplan who is the world leader in UCAT preparation resources. We also offer intensive UCAT preparation workshops, personal UCAT training and hardcopy UCAT preparation textbooks. For the full list of UCAT preparation resources click here....

GAMSAT Medical Interviews– To be eligible for the postgraduate pathway into medicine, applicants will need to sit the GAMSAT. Following the achievement of a competitive score, applicants will be offered a postgraduate medical interview. NIE offers a Medical Interview Techniques Manual which students find absolutely essential tool for GAMSAT Interview / Oral Assessment preparation. For those who feel that they would like an extra edge and complete training, NIE also offers personalised one-on-one mock interviews and coaching with personalised feedback and university-specific training sessions. 

NOTE: Information in relation to Flinders’ courses have been extracted from the Flinders’ University official website. For more detailed and up-to-date information about the courses and programs please visit the Flinders’ University website …


  • Bachelor of Clinical Sciences, Doctor of Medicine – 6 year undergraduate pathway

This course is only available to school leavers - i.e. applicants who are competing for entry on the basis of performance in either SACE Stage 2 studies, the International Baccalaureate or the interstate/overseas equivalent and do not have an academic record of study at higher education level (including Bachelor degrees from TAFE or RTOs).

Course overview

You will begin study in the two-year Bachelor of Clinical Sciences with either a medical science or health sciences focus. The first two years will lay scientific foundations before you progress into the first year of the Doctor of Medicine in third year, provided you meet the progression requirements. The Flinders medical program aims to develop those elements of knowledge, understanding and skill central to varied areas of medical practice, producing graduates well prepared to act as hospital interns and with the potential to follow a full range of medical specialties in subsequent training.


  • ATAR (90%)
  • UCAT (10%)

Applicants must complete the University Clinical Aptitude Test for Australia and New Zealand (UCAT ANZ). Final ranking for a place is determined by combining scores from the applicant’s Year 12 subject results that are used to calculate the ATAR (or equivalent) and their UCAT results. Only UCAT ANZ scores from tests held in July 2019 will be considered for 2020 entry.

It is expected that applicants will need to achieve an ATAR of 95 or above (after the addition of any relevant adjustment factors) to be competitive for a place. Ranking for offers of places will be based on a rank combining Year 12 subject results (90%) and a UCAT ANZ-derived score (10%), which will be based on results from four sections of the UCAT ANZ test (Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning), with each section equally contributing to the UCAT ANZ-derived score.

  • Flinders graduate sub-quotas
    • Up to 75 per cent of places in the Doctor of Medicine are reserved for those who hold Flinders qualifications and meet the admission requirements. This specifically includes places for up to 25 graduates of the Bachelor of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Medical Science, Bachelor of Paramedic Science, and the medical biotechnology stream of the Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology). The remaining places are available for applicants who hold any Flinders qualifications.
  • Indigenous applicants
    • A key priority of the Northern Territory and Commonwealth governments is to increase the participation of Indigenous people in medical training. Flinders University’s Indigenous Entry Stream is available to Indigenous graduates who wish to study medicine either in Adelaide or in the Northern Territory. For this stream, you may apply directly to Flinders University for graduate entry to the Doctor of Medicine without having to sit the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test.
  • Rural applicants
    • Consistent with Flinders University’s commitment to improve the health of those in rural and remote areas, at least 28 per cent of Commonwealth supported places for graduate entry to the MD are reserved for students who come from a rural background. This includes a sub-quota of up to 24 places available each year for students from rural communities who apply to undertake the entire third year of the MD in one of four rural locations.
  • Northern Territory applicants
    • Flinders University, in partnership with Charles Darwin University, offers undergraduate and graduate entry to the Flinders Doctor of Medicine in Darwin through the Northern Territory Medical Program (NTMP). Whether you are a school leaver or university graduate in the Territory, the NTMP allows you to undertake your entire medical training in the Northern Territory. Places are only available to Australian citizens and permanent residents.


Flinders University offers graduate entry to the MD in Adelaide and the Northern Territory, providing an alternative to the traditional pathway from secondary school to an undergraduate medical course. The four-year program enables you to graduate with a medical qualification that is comparable to a six-year undergraduate program.


Applicants have completed a bachelor’s degree, or are in the final year of an Australian bachelor degree or equivalent. Your degree can be in any area of study and there are no prerequisite topics or subjects.

A weighted grade point average (wGPA) is calculated on the last three full-time equivalent years of your most recently completed bachelor degree (inclusive of honours if applicable). Other qualifications, such as masters and research higher degrees, are not included in the wGPA calculation.

Students are ranked against other applicants on a scale of 0-100 by an ‘entry score’. Entry score is an equally weighted combination of your:

  • GAMSAT overall score
  • Weighted GPA
  • Interview score


Applications open in the month of May and applicants shortlisted for interviews will be notified from late August. Interviews will be held between late September to early October. Offers will be made in late October right up until the commencement of the course in February the following year.

Invitations to attend an interview are issued to applicants for the South Australian and Northern Territory places on the basis of overall GAMSAT score.

The interview is semi-structured with a common set of scenarios and questions for all applicants. It is designed to assess qualities considered important both for success in medical school and in subsequent medical practice. These include:

  • Quality of motivation
  • Learning style and team skills
  • Communication skills
  • Pro-social attitude
  • Personal management and self-evaluation skills
  • Approach to decision-making

Flinders University Interviews are conducted between July and September each year and last about 50 minutes. 

Flinders University Interviews are conducted by a small panel that include medical school staff and a community member. The interview panel are not provided with any background information about you.

Selection for the receival of offers is based on an applicant’s overall rank comprising the following components which are equally weighted:

  • Overall GAMSAT Score
  • Weighted GPA (wGPA)
  • Interview Score

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