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Flinders University

Adelaide, Australia

Bachelor of Clinical Sciences, Doctor of Medicine

If you’re a school leaver or do not have an academic record of study at university, you can apply for the undergraduate pathway into medicine - the Bachelor of Clinical Sciences/Doctor of Medicine. The program provides a high standard of academic, clinical and professional medical training to equip graduates with the skills necessary to take up positions as hospital interns and thereby qualify for medical registration in Australia.

You will begin study in the two-year Bachelor of Clinical Sciences with either a medical science or health sciences focus. The first two years will lay scientific foundations before you progress into the first year of the Doctor of Medicine in third year, provided you meet the progression requirements. The Flinders medical program aims to develop those elements of knowledge, understanding and skill central to varied areas of medical practice, producing graduates well prepared to act as hospital interns and with the potential to follow a full range of medical specialities in subsequent training.

Admission requirements:


Applicant's entry score is created by combining your ATAR (90%) and your UCAT derived score (10%). UCAT derived scores are based on cognitive subtests only (equally weighted). 

It is expected that you will need to achieve an ATAR of 95 or above (after the addition of any relevant bonus points for special access schemes) to be competitive for a double degree place.

Domestic Graduate Entry (GAMSAT pathway)

Flinders University offers graduate entry into the Doctor of Medicine to prospective students who:

Have completed a bachelor degree, or are in the final year of an Australian bachelor degree or equivalent. Your degree can be in any area of study and there are no prerequisite topics or subjects.

Admission requirements:

A weighted grade point average (wGPA) is calculated on the last three full-time equivalent years of your most recently completed bachelor degree (inclusive of honours if applicable). Other qualifications, such as masters and research higher degrees, are not included in the wGPA calculation.

 Students are ranked against other applicants on a scale of 0-100 by an ‘entry score’. Entry score is an equally weighted combination of your:

  • GAMSAT overall score
  • Weighted GPA
  • Interview score

Flinders Medical Interview

Invitations to attend an interview are issued to applicants for the South Australian and Northern Territory places on the basis of overall GAMSAT score.

The interview is semi-structured with a common set of scenarios and questions for all applicants. It is designed to assess qualities considered important both for success in medical school and in subsequent medical practice. These include:

  • Quality of motivation
  • Learning style and team skills
  • Communication skills
  • Pro-social attitude
  • Personal management and self-evaluation skills
  • Approach to decision-making

Flinders University Interviews are conducted between July and September each year and last about 50 minutes. 

Flinders University Interviews are conducted by a small panel that include medical school staff and a community member. The interview panel are not provided with any background information about you.


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