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NOTE: Information in relation to UWA courses have been extracted from the University of Western Australia's official website. For more detailed and up-to-date information about the courses and programs please visit the UWA website...

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) - direct pathway
  • Dental Medicine - direct pathway

The UWA Direct Pathway to Medicine and Direct Pathway to Dental Medicine are available for high-achieving domestic school leavers. Eligible school-leaver applications are via TISC, opening early to mid-August and closing late September in line with TISC deadlines for medicine and dentistry. You must apply as a domestic student if you are an Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen. 

Successful applicants will receive a conditional place in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) or the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD). A Direct Pathway place in the MD or DMD is conditional upon successful completion of a UWA bachelor's degree with a minimum Faculty Grade Point Average (FGPA) of 5.5. Students with a Direct Pathway place are not required to sit a graduate admissions test or undergo further interviews in order to take up their place.

Should you accept an offer, your Direct Pathway is specific to a particular postgraduate course. You cannot automatically transfer your Direct Pathway place to a different postgraduate course. If your career aspirations change, you may apply for graduate entry into a different course. Should you attain a graduate place in a different course, or otherwise change your mind, you may withdraw from your Direct Pathway place.

UWA Medicine Entry requirements

  • Minimum ATAR of 99 or equivalent for High Academic Achievers; Minimum ATAR of 96 or equivalent for Rural or Broadway applicants (refer to eligibility criteria below)
  • Suitable UCAT ANZ score 
  • Interview
  • English language competency
  • Eyesight Requirements for the DMD, and Inherent Requirements for the MD 

Selection Process Timeline

Admission and selection processes may be amended should changes become necessary due to COVID19 restrictions.

Western Australian applicants are also required to submit predicted ATAR information. After applications close, the Faculty Admissions team will provide the Predicted ATAR form to all applicants who have indicated a WA address on their TISC application (by mid October). WA applicants who have not yet sat their final exams are required to submit a predicted result which is provided by their school. The form will include detailed instructions including steps required for students who have already completed their final exams.

Eligible applicants who are based outside Western Australia are interviewed during January and are therefore not required to submit a predicted result.

Applicants will be contacted after the WACE exams are complete regarding eligibility for interview. Applicants who are based outside Western Australia will be contacted after final ATAR results have been released.

Interviews will take place during:

  • Late November/Early December for WA-based applicants who are eligible based on UCAT ANZ and predicted ATAR or equivalent (or actual score where available)
  • Early January for WA-based applicants who are eligible based on UCAT ANZ and actual ATAR (or equivalent)
  • Mid to late January for applicants based outside WA who are eligible based on UCAT ANZ and actual ATAR (or equivalent)

For domestic applicants, interviews are in the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) format. The MMI is an interview process developed at McMaster University in Canada and is now used by many Australian and international medical schools.

The UWA MMI model consists of eight stations. An 11-minute time period is allocated to each station, consisting of three minutes' preparation and eight minutes for responding. Five of the stations will consist of sets of questions, based on a preamble/scenario presented in the three-minute preparation time. The remaining stations are for the Explaining Skill Exercise, Explaining Skills Preparation, and a rest station.

The usual process on the day is as follows:

  1. Registration including statement of confidentiality.
  2. Interview pre-reading.
  3. Preparation for the Explaining Skills Exercise. This is a short verbal presentation on a basic topic chosen by the interviewee from a list provided on the day.
  4. Undertake the MMI. All applicants will be asked exactly the same questions in exactly the same manner.

Student helpers who are usually current medical or dental students will assist with the interview process. Interviewees will have the opportunity to talk with student helpers about their personal experiences studying medicine or dentistry at UWA.

Applicants who qualify for an interview for both medicine and dentistry will be interviewed based on their higher preference. The results from that interview will then be used for other eligible courses.

Applicants shortlisted for an interview will be sent further information about the day and the nature of the interview closer to the interview period.

UWA Medical Interview Process and Criteria

There are seven criteria used in the interview each year; three of which are constant:

Communication skills
Explaining skills
Motivation/commitment to a career in Medicine or Dentistry.

Previously criteria have been selected from: awareness of social diversity; provision of assistance; self-awareness; trust and trustworthiness; values and ethics; working with others. Applicants who accept their invitation to be interviewed will be provided information about interview criteria.

Interview questions will not be based on clinical or scientific scenarios which would require specific medical, dental or scientific knowledge. The questions are designed to encourage interviewees to think and to explain their reasoning. The questions may be scenario based, awareness based, or experientially based, but the assessment is evidence based. The interviewer can only rate interviewees on what they say. It is therefore important to give more than one-sentence answers, and that interviewees draw on their own experiences and knowledge to address a topic and provide appropriate examples.

The interviewers will read the questions as they are written to ensure every applicant is asked exactly the same question in the same way. Applicants will need to respond to the specific questions asked. There are no generic questions or opportunities for applicants to list their achievements and skills outside the scope of the questions.

For more detailed information please visit UWA website by clicking on the UWA logo below.


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