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HPAT Tuition - HPAT Master Class

Personalised One-on-One Strategic Training/Coaching via Skype video conference with one of the NIE Expert Teachers. Master Classes will be scheduled with our Senior PTTI Teacher/TutorMs Lynn Davis BA(Hons), Dip.Ed, Dip.LIS who specialises in HPAT, UCAT,  GAMSAT, Personal Statement and Medical School Written Application.


Part I: Approaching the HPAT


This early One-on-One Master Class is to ensure understanding of Question-type Strategies, Methods and Approaches necessary for all HPAT sections.


Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving

We will dissect the structure of multiple-choice questions to develop a plan of attack. This will be followed by an examination of Construct I using logic, reason and analysis. Speed reading techniques. Learn how to avoid common traps in passages graphs, tables and problems.


Interpersonal Understanding

Logic and reason are not quite enough, we need to manifest constructive attitudes. This will be followed by Inference vs Analysis and potential traps specific to this construct.


Non-verbal Reasoning

We will devise the best approaches for: Next in the series, Missing segment and Middle of the sequence questions


Part II: HPAT Skills Practice


Additional Master Classes


Targeted Trouble Shooting, Individual Optimisation and Reinforcement of Strategies Methods and Approaches.


These weekly or fortnightly additional Master Classes are only available to students who have completed Part I. They will focus on individual needs and requirements


Please note that PTTI exclusively uses ONLY HPAT NIE current resources to coach students for the HPAT exam!


If you want to see results, you need access to the right tutor.


One of the most important aspects of student success is access to the right tutor, who not only specialises in the area of student’s academic need but a teacher who has an in-depth understanding and extensive experience in teaching that area. 

There are a lot of tutors out there who have the knowledge, but knowing how to teach that knowledge while catering to your child’s learning style is the key to student’s success. 

NIE Teachers are mature academics with many years of teaching experience and academic background relevant to the respective sections of the HPAT examination. 

As an experienced Teacher and Tutor, Lynn Davis knows what is required to get the best from you in Motivation, Pedagogy and Assessment.


~  I personally found myself feeling alone when I was attempting preparation on-line programmes for the last 5 months, and often found myself doubting my abilities as a consequence. However, when I joined training with Lynn Davis, I became more aware of my weaknesses and received positive reinforcement which I believe is critical when learning to confront the medical entrance exam like HPAT. ~
Loraine Moris


Tutoring online, using programs such as Skype or our Online Chat service allows the same one-on-one teaching and interaction as regular sessions. Assistance can be organised whenever you need it at home or anywhere a computer is accessible. Your HPAT tutor will plan lessons to meet your requirements and work at a pace to suit your learning needs. 

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