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HPAT Courses

HPAT and its purpose

The purpose of HPAT is to assess the skills and abilities developed over the course of your education and life experience that are considered by the universities to be important to the study and practice of medicine and the health sciences. To operate most effectively in these career areas graduates will need to be flexible; to have good thinking skills (critical and analytical); to be able to respond quickly to new situations and problems; to have a well-developed ability to understand and respond to patients’ needs and individual situations. For these reasons, HPAT has been developed as a test that is not based on learned academic curriculum or study of particular subjects, but as a test of your response to a stimulus that will not necessarily be familiar.

How can NIE help you prepare for THE HPAT

Established in 1999, the National Institute of Education (NIE) conducts HPAT Preparation course aimed at developing the knowledge, skills, and strategies required to maximise your entry potential. NIE was the first provider to be a Government Registered Training Organisation. Our teachers are fully qualified, experienced and committed to the standards of excellence in education and teaching. NIE is supported by expert staff and advisors including teachers accredited by the Department of Education and Training, a range of Health Care Professionals, Social Workers, Academics and Practicing Clinicians. All our HPAT teaching staff has an academic background directly relevant to the three respective sections of the HPAT.

Our unique approach…

Researching, teaching and reviewing our HPAT prep programs over the past fifteen years has put us at the forefront of HPAT preparation tuition. Students are treated as individuals, with a level of respect deserved by such high achievers, and the approach of our staff is to nurture their progress through a balanced program of self-directed learning and tuition. The NIE HPAT course is specifically designed to maximise a student’s preparation time without detracting from their other studies. Core to our preparation are the hardcopy books that fully replicate the true HPAT. No online training can come close to this.

NIE is still the only provider offering

  • Unique Hardcopy HPAT books for every HPAT exam section.
  • Teachers accredited by the Department of Education and Training.
  • Expert teachers for each section of the HPAT.
  • For the past 21 years, NIE is the first and leading preparation organisation for UMAT now UCAT (Undergraduate Medicine  Admissions Test) preparation in Australia and New Zealand.
  • NIE runs preparation courses for the Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admission Test (GAMSAT).
  • Unparalleled Medical Interview Training for UCAT / UMAT, GAMSAT and HPAT as required. 

NIE HPAT Preparation includes

Six HPAT books with over 800 pages of specialised curriculum and over 1250 quality HPAT practice questions.  All written by our committed PreMed HPAT Prep NIE Team. We extensively research and review our notes every year, resulting in the most up to date and relevant preparation available. Four of our books are supplied as hard copy (mailed daily from Dublin, Ireland. For speed and convenience, the eBook 4 HPAT Starter Pack emailed (in printable PDF format) immediately after your enrollment with NIE. eBook 6 Update Packs is emailed in January 2021. We do not conduct online courses where you have limited access and no ownership of the material. We do not charge you online membership fee that you would have to pay again if you need more HPAT practice. NIE provides expertly written material that you own forever and can use anywhere anytime, allowing for greater flexibility and incorporation into already hectic schedules.

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