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1-on-1 Medical Interview Training (3-hour session)

AUD759.00 each


Once the UCAT or GAMSAT is over and done, it is time for those who have performed to the required standard, to cross the final hurdle to starting their studies in the medical field. We are, of course, referring to the medical school interview process, which will be offered to the lucky few.

NIE has been conducting personalised one-on-one interview training sessions for over 20 years and with a very high success rate!

The one-on-one interview coaching is catered to each student's individual and specific needs, based on their past life experiences, family, cultural and social background, past study experience, and finally, the university for which they are preparing. This is a very intense interview training session, which places the interviewee in the interview hot seat before they attend the real interview.

Unlike some other interview workshops, our aim is not to rehearse the questions. Because the reality is that no one really knows, which questions will be asked at the real interview. Instead, we closely study each individual's demeanour and style of answering questions, communication skills and general logic. The interviewer aims at fine-tuning and polishing one's understanding of the interview process and how they should tackle different styles of questions. Once these skills have been mastered, no question will come as a surprise. Furthermore, based on each individual's performance during the mock interview, each student will be given extra homework that they will have to complete and follow-through during the real interview.

Please note, the places for the one-on-one interviews are very limited as they are conducted by the principal/head academic interview training staff of NIE. Therefore, we strongly urge those who have been given an interview offer to not risk going unprepared to the interview and take advantage of our one-on-one interview training session. 

Added bonus: 

You will also receive a complimentary copy of the NIE Interview Techniques textbook as part of this service. (This complimentary offer applies on the 1st booking only, hence if you have received the book already, you would not be sent another book again). 

Please note, the sessions fill up very fast due to the strong popularity of this training. If this is the program for you, then book now to avoid disappointment!


One-on-one personalised UCAT interview preparation involves sitting through a strenuous 3-hour interview training session with an expert interviewer, which is followed by a full feedback and training session that covers:

  • your individual answers to each question asked during the mock interview are deconstructed in detail. 
  • revolutionary interview formula that allows you to answer any question thrown at you during the real interview (this is very important if you do your research) 
  • body language
  • eye contact
  • etiquette
  • posture
  • animation
  • grammar
  • language
  • vocabulary
  • pronunciation
  • annunciation and speech
  • clothing and presentation
  • personalised hints, tips and strategies
  • relevant strategic and theoretical training;
  • a mock interview;
  • a personalised critical review on every word, nuance, tactic and idea you use in your answers;
  • and individuated, intricate encouragement tailored to your own cognitive, linguistic and communicative talk patterns.


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Can YOU benefit from Training for your Medical Entry Interview?

The time has come again where the focus is on Medical Entry Interview preparation. If you have been offered a university interview, or if you are hoping to be offered an interview in a future round or intake, don’t get caught out without a chance to prepare with professionals.

It’s never too early or too late to start. Have all your questions answered:

  • What can you be looking up or learning in the hours, days, weeks, or years before your interview? (Hint: it changes depending on the urgency of your preparation)!
  • When you look at practice questions, do you sometimes wonder where to start?
  • Do you fail to instantly recognise what each question is really asking you, beneath the subject matter?
  • How fast can you distinguish constructs that are being measured, and do you know which factors are a waste of time discussing?
  • Do you wish you had a safe, reliable way of organising question types in your head to allow the logician in you to shine?
  • Are you aware of the common ideas you must avoid to not instantly be ‘red-flagged’ as a risk to the medical program?
  • Need some fall-back strategies to activate in case you freeze up, lose your train of thought, feel like you’re rambling, or simply don’t have any idea on how to answer?
  • Feel like you’ve spent years adding meaningful accomplishments to your resume which will now be wasted because you don’t know how to merge this information while staying on track?
  • Ever wonder how you come across to strangers? Are you viewed as genuine or fake? Likable or unpleasant? Humble or proud? Intelligent or robotic? Empathetic or cold? Interesting or boring?
  • Why are they interviewing you in the first place, and who are you really competing with?
  • How can you avoid being overly-logical with your responses, while still ensuring you utilise strategic material that will maximise positive impact?
  • What is the strategic material that instantly makes you valuable to your educational institution of choice?
  • And what should you expect on the big day? Should you wear a tie? Shake hands? Introduce yourself? Speak formally? Abide by which social expectations?

AND MUCH MORE… Do you use an effective answering structure? How are you with double-barrelled questions? Are you sure you’re answering what you’ve been asked? Does your personal communication style need adjusting? How long can you pause and think for? Can you ask that a question be repeated? Should you prepare statistics, and if so, on what?

NIE offers exclusive 3-hour intensive one-on-one interview training preparation for your medical entry interview. If required, extra tuition can be discussed. However, the majority of students find that the 3-hour training session is sufficient for their upcoming interview. 


If you would like to reserve one of our interview training sessions, do not delay in calling us on 1300 974 187 / 0404 197 178, or email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  It’s never too early to begin the satisfying journey of knowing your own real capability.


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