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JCU Dentistry Application Advice & Indigenous, Rural & Tropical Health Issues Webinar

Posted: July 24, 2023

Are you aspiring to pursue Dentistry at James Cook University, JCU?

Did you know that James Cook University does not require a UCAT score as part of the application process for medicine or dentistry? However, this year a written application for dentistry will be used as part of the selection process. Also, 3 letters of support will be used for dentistry and medicine as part of the selection criteria to the next stage which is the medical interview.  If also applying for medicine at JCU, you need to be well aware and well-versed across the areas of Indigenous, rural, and tropical health issues in rural and remote medicine for the medical interview step.


We understand that the application process can be overwhelming, and that's why we're here to help!

On the 23rd of September, NIE will be conducting an informative webinar during which students will gain valuable insights, practical tips, and personalised advice to create a standout application for the Dental Degree program at James Cook University.

During the session, students will also start working through the written component of the James Cook University (Dentistry) application. The focus will be on getting the tone of the application "just right" to show the true self and how an applicant will add value to the university course. Students will learn how to use the application to present their strengths and to create a competitive written response to the JCU questions, while also demonstrating their understanding of the importance of rural and Indigenous health. To do this there will be guided tasks and activities to get students started and discussions on where to improve.

Finally, applicants will also look at the necessary support documents (for medicine and dentistry applications) and how to coordinate the collection of these. The session will conclude with students starting to draft their JCU Bachelor of Dental Surgery personal statement which they will continue to work on after the webinar in preparation for the submission of their application by the due date.


Book early as spots are limited.

Webinar date: 23 September 2023

Time: 2.00pm - 5.00pm (AEST)

Presenters: Rebekah Ramsey and Jake Bennett

Program Outcomes

In this webinar, we will cover the following topics:

Application Preparation:
- Learn valuable tips on organising your application materials effectively.
- Gain insights into the application requirements and guidelines set by James Cook University.
- Discover strategies for crafting a compelling written application (personal statement) answers that showcase your unique qualities.
- Find out how to obtain strong letters of recommendation to strengthen your application.

Rural and Indigenous Health Issues:
- Understand the significance of rural and Indigenous health in the medical field.
- Explore James Cook University's focus on rural and Indigenous health and the opportunities it offers.
- Learn how to highlight your experiences and involvement in rural and Indigenous communities.
- Gain insights into the challenges and rewards of practising healthcare in these areas.

Conclusion / Summary and Q&A:
- Summarise key points from the workshop.
- Provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions and address any concerns.

NoteThis workshop is open to all applicants interested in applying for the Medical and/or Dental Degree program at James Cook University. Whether you're a recent graduate, a career changer, or someone with a passion for healthcare, this webinar is designed to support and guide you through the application process.

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