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Casper Test Preparation for Curtin University Medicine

Posted: July 27, 2023

Curtin University (Medicine) - Casper Test Requirement 

If you will be applying to Curtin University (Medicine) this year, apart from the UCAT, applicants will also need to register and complete the Casper Test, which is conducted by Acuity Insights.

  • Applicants will be ranked for the interview offer on the basis of their Casper score, UCAT score and ATAR.
  • All applicants (other than Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders) must complete the Casper Test.
  • School leavers and Curtin Course Switchers must sit the Undergraduate Casper Test.  Non-school Leavers (Graduates) will have to sit the Postgraduate Casper Test.
  • Casper scores are valid only for the next available admissions year. Applicants should only complete the test in the year immediately preceding their planned year of admission. Applicants re-applying for the Medical Entry in a subsequent year must re-sit the Casper Test.
  • The Casper Test is held nationally and is sat online from home.
  • Applicants are responsible for making their own arrangements to register for the Casper Test. Please refer to the Acuity Insights website to register for the test.

Final Casper Test date:

  • 8 August 2024 

All admission information for domestic and international students including details about the requirement to sit the Casper Test can be found via the Curtin University School of Medicinewebpage.



27 July 2024

NIE will be conducting a 4-hour interactive and informative webinar designed to provide students with the guidance and support they need to feel well-prepared for the Casper Test.

PresentersRebekah Ramsey



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Please know that we are here to help you! So, please do not shy away from asking for help in a timely manner. Do not leave things for the last minute, but even then we will be here with you every step of the way to provide you with the best advice and support regarding the UCAT, Medical Interviews or career in health.



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