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Rebekah Ramsey

  • UCAT Verbal Reasoning Coach
  • 1-on-1 Personalised & Group Medical and Dental Interviews Coach
  • 1-on-1 Bond University Psychometrics Test Trainer
  • Role-play/acting stations medical interview coach
  • 1-on-1 Casper Test preparation trainer, program developer, coordinator and facilitator.

Rebekah is a specialist NIE trained Medical Admission Interviews Coach as well as Kaplan Certified and Trained UCAT educator with over 20 years of experience in Education and Training. Most of Rebekah’s teaching career has been spent at top-ranking NSW selective schools, which see large numbers of high achieving students, many of whom end up in highly competitive degrees in medicine, law, science and engineering at top-ranking universities worldwide.

Rebekah has authored, assessed and evaluated selective school entry tests, developed comprehensive Gifted and Talented teaching and learning programs, been on numerous interview panels in Corporate, Academic and DET arenas and is currently training in the area of Careers Advisor through University of New England with specialist interest in motivating students to developing the best version of themselves for applications to University and beyond. Her interest in Kaplan and the Medical Aptitude test developed as the need of her students required more specialist education. Her theory of “you cannot teach what you do not know” led her to NIE, Kaplan and the desire to impart her knowledge to a wider audience, therefore distributing the concepts, strategies and understanding that is required for success in the UCAT and the University Medical entry interview processes. Combined with a current working knowledge of the Department of Education, work experience, scholarship applications, and University entry requirements there is a strong student/ teacher connection demonstrating an understanding of the demands of the senior years of secondary school and the commitment required to succeed in UCAT and beyond.

Rebekah has also led a creative life outside of UCAT where she worked and trained as a performer and actor which developed her own communication skills and self-guidance to the possibilities of stepping out of the “comfort zone”. Additionally, Rebekah is trained and has presented programs in Customer Service and Manager/ Client potential to corporate clients across Australia. This area of Rebekah’s expertise goes beyond the academia and places value on the importance of communication through practice and interview performance to enhance the natural academic strengths. Rebekah understands that there is more to an interview than merely answering the questions. The areas of communication and intrinsic individual details are the key components of exploring the growth and development of the students whom she works with in order to explore the full potential for future employment and study. Rebekah values the concept of individuality and encourages each student to explore their limitations then stretch themselves to become more aware of their potential.

Over the past 20 years, Rebekah has assisted in developing student potential through goal setting, strategy training, striving for excellence, and self-awareness. Rebekah maintains a strong connection with her students, past and present, and enjoys nothing more than seeing them achieve their potential and succeed in their area of interest.

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