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Preparing for Bond University Medical Interviews?

Posted: February 20, 2021

Are you 100% ready and confident for your Bond University medical interview?

If you have received or still expecting an interview offer and your oral assessment skills need improvement, then please give us a call, talk to one of our expert interview trainers, and see how we can help you prepare and perform at your best during your next interview. 

We offer the following Bond University interview preparation services to help you become better prepared:

7 Feb 2022 - Bond University Psychometrics Test Training and Preparation

28 February 2022:  Intensive Interview Communication Skills Confidence Building Webinar

26-27 February and 28 February 2022: Intensive 2-day interviews and effective communication skills workshop

Comprehensive 1-on-1 personalised interview coaching

Interview preparation textbooks

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 Every student enrolled in the Interview Workshop or 1-on-1 Training will receive a complimentary  medical interview preparation textbook

Since 2001, NIE's medical interview training has been unparalleled and incomparable in content, quality, and value to any other course provider in the industry. Give us a call, speak to the Interviews Coordinator, and find out the key information today!

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