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Medical Interviews and Effective Communication Skills Workshop


Medical Interviews and Effective Communication Skills Workshop



The next training is conducted over a two days period on the 7 - 8 November 2020 



In-person Attendance (Sydney, Chatswood

13 November 2020 

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  What UCAT Score, UCAT percentile, ATAR / GPA will get me an interview offer?

    What does my UCAT score mean?

    What is a good UCAT result?

    Should I start preparing for interviews?


As we are entering the final days of the 2020 UCAT testing period, the above questions are what is in the minds of just about every 2020 UCAT candidate who sat the test. Hence, in an effort to shine some light on this mind-boggling predicament, we have decided to put together some useful advice for you. Note, that this advice is from the perspective of an organisation that has been dealing with candidates in the exact same situation as you for the past 21 years.

In short, every serious undergraduate applicant MUST take the interview process very seriously and do not ever play it down. Every year we deal with the aftermath of "I should be right" attitude. Quite often this attitude results in the applicant realising that they have failed the interview by the time the second question is being asked. You must understand that while not everyone requires extensive preparation, everyone does need to prepare to some extent in order not live things for chance. Remember...medical interview is NOT just a chat! 

Read about Medical Interviews

Read about why early interview preparation is highly recommended

That we need to think if your UCAT score in good enough to get you through to an interview. To assist you with this decision please consult the folwing link:

Is My UCAT Score Good Enough?



Here is a list of services offered through the National Institute of Education for your medical interview preparation and readiness. 

  1. We have arranged a number of early intensive interview preparation workshops. Some are run as in-person events, others will be run as a small-group, Live Online Interactive programs. Note that online classes are run over two days of 6-hour lessons, so that we are able to spend ample time, with each participant during the live-online classroom. Below are some of the dates for you to consider:

   Live Online Interactive Training

     23 & 29 August (10.00am - 4.30pm AEST) - Live Online Interactive

    30 September & 1 October (10.00am - 4.30pm AEST) - Live Online Interactive

  In-Person Attendance Training

   Sydney (Chatswood) - 20 August 2020 

View other dates and location here...

  1. ConfidenceStrategy Interactive Webinar: If you feel that lack of confidence during the interview may cause you problems, then you may wish to attend one of these confidence-building specifically catered workshops. Click here to see the dates.
  2. We havealso created anAdvanced Interview Training Program for those of you who do not wish to leave a single stone unturned. To read more about this program and the available dates click here.
  3. Alternatively,if you are struggling with time and would opt for a more casual start or you are simply not confident about your marks, then we highly recommend that you at leaststart by reading books to do with the medical interviews and preparation techniques. For book titles please visit NIE Bookshop.



Which Universities Require a UCAT score?

NIE's Medical Interview Training Services


If you wish to complete one-on-one personalised interview training as well. 

Medical Interview Training - Advanced Studio

Interview Confidence Building Skills

Med School University Application Tips

Bond University - Psychometric Test and Interview Preparation

Preparing for Medical Interviews. The structured panel, semi-structured interviews, and MMI

How do MMI Medical Interviews Function at Australian Universities

Why study Medicine? Entry from a current Undergraduate Medicine Student at Monash University

Studying Medicine in Australia. What are the time commitments of a medical student?


For details about available UCAT and Interview preparation resources and services, NIE offers can be downloaded via the links below.

Download: Preparing for UCAT & Interviews  

What NIE students say about our interview teachers and teaching methods

The interview workshop was great. The intensive style of the program in which we were exposed to the very different interview structures was challenging and a great learning experience. Listening to the feedback for each of the candidates' mock interviews was great for improving my own approach to the interview. While I found the mock interviews quite challenging, I thought it would have been nice to have more of these mock interviews with the two teachers as was done in the beginning. However, in the time given, the workshop was well structured and very helpful. Regards, (N.K)

To whom it may concern. Thank you to NIE for coaching my son today and for giving me a call to provide feedback on how my son is progressing with his interview skills. In short, the feedback my son gave me is: "Amazing staff and lecturers who were engaging and encouraging. Teachers addressed the hard topics of the interviews throughout the lesson. Lots of one-to-one contact and practice. Excellent medical interview and role-playing tactics." Thank You Very Much! (N.L)


Hello. I did the workshop and I believe this one session really cemented my interview techniques, gave me confidence and improved my weaknesses immensely! They were tough and tested your resilience - which I found to be challenging but very useful and beneficial as I encountered many interviewers in my MMI that were similarly tough or who didn't seem very positive. The questions they asked were spot on, their university-specific style of questioning was great in preparing us for the challenges of each different university's interviews and the feedback they offered after the mock interview was very constructive and helpful. It was overall a very helpful training session - one that I believed pushed my interview skills to the maxi um and led me to be successful in getting into medicine at the university I wanted! My sister also went to interview training with them, and she had similar positive feedback, and she also gained a place into her uni of choice. So, I cannot stress enough how helpful these two have been for me and my sister - if any future students do sufficient preparation prior to the interview training and are driven to do medicine. I am sure that Zobair and Sasha will help them to achieve their dreams just like us. Thank you! Regards (H.H.)

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UCAT Preparation Books 

Comprehensive UCAT Online Preparation Platform 

Complete UCAT Preparation Courses

UCAT Format



Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the UCAT, Medical Interviews, or career in health.

Best regards

Sasha Tymoshenko
NIE Course Coordinator
National Institute of Education

T: 1300 974 187  |  M: 0404 197 178  |  M: 0412 439 115



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