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HPAT Book 2 : Interpersonal Understanding

AUD89.00 each

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  • Define Interpersonal Understanding in relation to HPAT.
  • Develop required Emotional Intelligence and academic skills.
  • Develop required pacing skills.
  • Develop a confident approach to the Interpersonal Understanding section for the HPAT.
  • This is a hardcopy-bound textbook.


  • Explains 'Interpersonal Understanding' section in relation to HPAT.
  • Defines components of understanding: psychology, emotions, feelings and empathy.
  • Provides a strategy for ethical decision-making.
  • Provides teaching material, hints tips, pacing skills and strategies for Interpersonal Understanding questions.
  • Provides worked examples and a bank of practice questions with answers and explanations.
  • 200 questions with answers and explanations.

The resources are printed fresh every year and contain all updated information, there are 6 HPAT books in NIE HPAT Preparation Course. The books are dispatched daily from Dublin, Ireland. Please contact NIE immediately if you have not received your parcel within 5 working days. 

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