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  • Bond University Medical Interview Confidence Development Strategy Webinar with Luan Williams

Bond University Medical Interview Confidence Development Strategy Webinar with Luan Williams

AUD295.00 each


This workshop is run over two sessions by Luan Williams.

The session will be conducted by Luan Williams, NIE's 1-on-1 Personalised Medical Interviews Coach and Advanced Communication Skills Strategist and Psychological Consultant in Gifted and Talented.


When? 28 February 2022 

Part A: 12 pm - 2 pm (AEDT)


Part B: 3 pm - 5 pm (AEDT)


This program has been designed for those interested in further strategies that specifically counteract the 16 Core Doubts of Medical Interviews, which some students form from their anxieties, fears and repetitive beliefs. This module may be especially helpful for chronic over-thinkers, or applicants who worry they will freeze up, talk too longmiss the points of questions, or who have difficulty answering negative questions about themselves in a socially appropriate way.

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The NIE team consists of one of Australia’s leading psychological specialists in the medical entry, who also specialises in high achievers and the gifted and talented population. This program will be conducted online in an interactive group webinar, for those wanting to address the major mental traps that impact good interview performance.

The session will be conducted by Luan Williams, NIE's Senior 1-on-1 Personalised Medical Interviews Coach and Advanced Communication Skills Strategist and Psychological Consultant in Gifted and Talented. View the teacher's profile.

This ‘Confidence Strategy Webinar’ will be especially beneficial for those high achievers who are affected by repetitive doubts on their medical interview approach, which in turn, impacts their confidence, trains of thought, and potential rapport with interview assessors. Candidates have the opportunity to learn how to eliminate doubts and worries, turning this wasted mental energy into strengths that power them in their own unique style.

Addressing the 16 Core Doubts of Medical Interview Performance

The ‘Confidence Strategy Webinar’ allows for every student attending to intimately address and seek effective guidance and intervention to help them address some of the 16 Core Doubts that negatively affect medical interviews. 16 ‘Mini Toolkits’ are explored, with one addressing each core doubt. This will take place within a safe, guided environment led by a psychological specialist who works with gifted and talented populations. 

The 16 Core Doubts are:

  • I can’t tell if I’m answering correctly or not
  • I don’t know how I come across to other people
  • I am sounding over-rehearsed, disingenuous or unlikable
  • I am fearful I will freeze up, get stuck or have nothing come to mind
  • I feel anxious about getting asked something I haven’t practiced
  • I am confused by conflicting advice from parents, friends and online chat rooms
  • I don’t feel like practicing by myself is useful because real interviews will feel different
  • I can’t control how long I talk for, or I wander down a babbling path
  • I don’t know what they’re measuring – so I can never choose whether to answer one way or the other
  • I feel like I am saying the wrong things
  • I keep thinking I’ve just said something that has red-flagged me to fail
  • I keep using tired, boring examples like being on the cricket team or debating team, or talking about how much I want to help people
  • I can’t work personal examples into my answers naturally, so I hesitate or leave them out
  • I downplay myself too much in my answers, and I cannot find a way to sell myself without sounding arrogant
  • When I practice by myself, I can’t tell if my changing performance is getting better or getting worse
  • I disparage myself when I am asked to discuss my weaknesses, failures, embarrassments, mistakes or other negatives, or I am qualifying as an automatic fail by how I answer questions such as ‘What will you do if you don’t get into medicine?’ – and I cannot find acceptable alternate answers.

An added advantage of having the opportunity to address these 16 Core Doubts, whilst learning strategic, effective tactics to effectively counteract them, is that students get to realise that their human apprehensions need not hold them back from successful medical entry. Everything has a simple, elegant solution. Each type of overthinking is funneled into a useful activity that then serves to make interview performance stronger, rather than weaker. Candidates also get issued activities in between the two scheduled sessions so that they can learn to navigate and fix these problems before up-leveling to more advanced training in the second component.

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