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ISAT Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving, 200 Questions

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This particular book was initially published in 2017 and intended for use to prepare for the UMAT test, which was replaced by UCAT in 2018. While the UMAT is no longer used, the ISAT is still used for admission into medicine by International students in Australia and New Zealand. Construct 1 of the UMAT was more demanding that that of ISAT, however by using this book, ISAT candidates can be sure that they are getting the best preparation possible as preparing for more difficult question of the UMAT will make ISAT questions seem much easier. 


  •  Define Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving
  •  Develop required LR and PS academic skills.
  •  Develop required pacing skills.
  •  Develop a confident approach to Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving


  •  Explains Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving.
  •  Outlines academic understanding of the Argument, the Question and the Answers.
  •  Defines the different types of Logical Reasoning and Problem-solving questions.
  •  Provides teaching material, hints tips, pacing skills and strategies for ISAT Logical Reasoning questions.
  •  200 questions with comprehensive answers and worked explanations.
  •  212 pages

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