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Casper Test, 1-on-1 Tuition (2 hrs)

AUD495.00 each

1-on-1 Casper Test Preparation Tuition for Curtin University Medical Entry

The CASPER test is required by Curtin University to further contribute to the application process to Medicine at Curtin University. Students must sit the UCAT, and CASPER, attend an interview if invited, and meet ATAR requirements for admission into Curtin University Medicine 2024. The test is a 14-scenario open-ended response test that requires students to type and record their responses directly into the test portal under strictly timed conditions. It is a fast-paced online test that requires skill, attention to detail, and a thorough understanding of the requirements needed to answer situational judgment questions effectively under pressure.

One-on-one training in the Casper test will provide an exclusive opportunity for students to practice with Rebekah Ramsey to further improve their ability to respond confidently and effectively in typed and recorded responses. The 2-hour sessions will include an outline and practice of the different Casper question types, the format of the test, attention to the "on-camera" requirements, and individual constructive feedback as the student practices the questions.

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