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Platinum DLP UMAT Course

Because NIE is the only provider that has reviewed and updated its materials every year, NIE can exclusively offer far more reality based practice questions than anyone else. The NIE Platinum DLP Program offers unequalled value and preparation by including early editions of unique curricula plus thousands of highly valued practice questions, and personalised video-conference tuition time. Platinum DLP Package includes three years worth of UMAT course material valued at over $1500, but with a price tag of $989.

This Package goes those few steps further in broadening your UMAT knowledge. Studious? Have a well planned and executed timetable? This is the course you're looking for.

Platinum and Platinum DLP courses are the most comprehensive UMAT training programs available, and especially highly recommended to students starting UMAT preparation in Year 10 or 11. Platinum / Platinum DLP courses allow students to stay enrolled with NIE until their UMAT date in Year 12. Ongoing UMAT updates will also be provided until the actual exam date. The updates component eliminates the need for the books to be repurchased every season. Got a question? No problem...Students are welcome to call and email NIE at at any stage of their UMAT training. 

Please note, if you wish to attend the invaluable full day UMAT workshop as well then you will need to enrol into the Platinum (not Platinum DLP) course. 

Platinum course - $1099

This course is identical to the standard Platinum DLP Course but also includes a full day UMAT workshop. 

Platinum 'Plus' course - $1499

Platinum UMAT Course + Revolutionary Medical Interview Workshop. 

Platinum DLP 'Plus' course - $1389

Platinum DLP UMAT Course + Revolutionary Medical Interview Workshop. 

In summary, the above three courses all include the below components. The difference between courses is that when it says 'DLP' it means UMAT workshop is NOT included. If it say 'Plus' it mean Interview Workshop is included in the course. 

Package Includes

  • 4000+ questions across 10 textbooks
  • UMAT Starter Pack (eBook 6)
  • UMAT Section 1 book : Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving - Hardcopy Book
  • UMAT Section 2 book : Understanding People - Hardcopy Book
  • UMAT Section 3 book : Non-verbal Reasoning - Hardcopy Book
  • 2 Time Trial Tests Book (Book 5) - Hardcopy Book
  • Booklet 8: UMAT NIE final trial test paper - Hardcopy Book
  • Medical Interviews Techniques (Book 4) - Hardcopy Book
  • Platinum Pack 1 Book (950 Questions + 3 Tests)
  • Platinum Pack 2 Book (700 Questions + 3 Tests)
  • eBook 7: UMAT Updates Pack - issued to NIE students each February until their UMAT date.
  • Ongoing UMAT updates up until the date of the student’s exam. At NIE we do not charge seasonal membership fees. Students remain enrolled with us until their UMAT date regardless if you are starting UMAT training in Year 10, earlier or later.
  • 2 Hours Personalised one-on-one UMAT Skype tutorial
  • One day intensive UMAT workshop (not included in Platinum DLP course)
  • Full day Interview Training Workshop ( only included in 'Plus' courses)
  • *Group discounts available

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