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Are you 100% ready and confident for your medical interview?

Year 11, 12, Gap Year, Undergraduate & Postgraduate Students

Posted: December 19, 2020

Preparing for your Medical / Dental School Interview: MMI / Panel / Structured Panel Interviews

The Undergraduate Medical Interview is the final stage of assessing and ranking a range of personal competencies as well as students' ability to undertake studies in the respective fields. It is a personal assessment of who the applicant is, what they have to offer and how suitable they will be. Just as with the UCAT and academic achievement, students cannot underestimate the interview or take it too lightly. It is a serious process and is seen as a highly integral element of the selection process. Furthermore, it is a highly competitive forum where the applicant will be assessed against other candidates who have not only strived just as hard as others to achieve their goals but are also just as sincere and single-minded in their desire to be interviewed successfully. Hence, the ultimate aim is for the student to lift their performance well-above their competition, validating their sincerity and burning positive lasting impressions into the minds of the selection panel.

If you have already been preparing for your medical interview/s and feel that you can still take further steps to improve your confidence and performance level, you might wish to consider a 1-on-1 personalised training session with one of our expert coaches. A 2-hour tune-up session for a full mock interview with constructive feedback is a great way to ensure that your interviewing skills and knowledge are polished up for the big day.  

If you are waiting for an interview offer, and have not started preparation yet, we recommend enrolling in the 2-day Intensive Interview Training Workshop or Interview Training Package.

2-day intensive interview training workshop

3-hour 1-on-1 personalised interview training(coaching + full mock interview + constructive feedback)

2-hour mock interview with constructive feedback

 Every student enrolled in the Interview Workshop will receive a complimentary copy of the

NIE Interview Techniques Textbook

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