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From UMAT Tutoring and Tuition in Canberra to In-Depth Medical Interview Coaching, UMAT NIE Is There for Every Step of Your Medical Education Preparation

Deciding to study medicine and pursue a healthcare speciality as your career path is a major decision and one that no one should make lightly. Deciding to pursue a career in healthcare means committing yourself to years of extra schooling—not to mention the stressful process of taking the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Science Admission Test (UMAT) and going through medical interviews with various universities.

However, if you do decide that a medical career path is the right path for you, then you can count on UMAT NIE to be there for every step of your medical education preparation. We are the longest running UMAT preparation organisation currently operating. We offer UMAT tutoring, tuition and other training opportunities in Canberra, as well as in other cities throughout Australia. Our courses and preparation materials (a series of eight to ten hardcopy books, which are invaluable aids for UMAT study) are also available in New Zealand.

With You Every Step of the Way

As our name suggests, UMAT NIE is billed first and foremost as a UMAT coaching organisation. If you are looking for UMAT coaching in Canberra and want to avoid online courses and the varying levels of quality that they provide, we are your best bet. Of all the organisations in Australia and New Zealand that offer UMAT courses, we are the only one that does not provide online training with limited training opportunities. Quite simply, we believe that preparing for the test with face-to-face (via the popular UMAT NIE workshops) tutors, hands-on instructors, engaged classmates, and hard-copy materials is the better way to go.

Of course, as competitive as the UMAT is, it is merely the first step on your odyssey to enrol in a respected medical university. Once you’ve taken the UMAT and (hopefully) achieved a high score, the next stage of the process begins: applying for and interviewing at universities that offer strong medically-related programs.

Most UMAT preparation organisations are just UMAT training organisations. In other words, once their courses end and you sit the UMAT exam, you will no longer want or need their services. At UMAT NIE, we go one step further. If you go through one of our UMAT tutoring courses in Canberra, score great on the exam, and decide that you want to work with us again, we will be there to help you through the next stage of the process as well.

Indeed, UMAT NIE also provides medical interview coaching. Our coaching sessions consist of full mock interviews, as well as structured feedback sessions so that you can identify your strengths and weaknesses as an interview candidate. We will even tailor our mock interview approaches depending on the university or universities to which you are applying. The result, like our UMAT preparation materials, is the closest approximation of a medical interview that you can get before walking into the actual interview.

Sign up for Our UMAT Tutoring or Medical Interview Coaching Opportunities in Canberra

Deciding to pursue medicine, dentistry, or some other healthcare career path is a major decision. Give yourself the best chance to get the most out of that decision, by taking advantage of UMAT NIE and the excellent coaching sessions and prep materials we provide. Call us today on 1300 974 187 to learn more about our UMAT tutoring and tuition in Canberra, or to schedule a mock interview coaching session tailored to suit your university of choice.

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