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  1300 974 187

UMAT Tuition

Melbourne / Perth / Brisbane / Sydney / Canberra / New Zealand and more...


For students in Melbourne, Bendigo, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Auckland, NIE has partnered with Pro Training Tutorial Institute (PTTI) - VCE/IB and UMAT SPECIALISTS

PTTI is an exclusive Melbourne-based and established cutting-edge Tutorial Organisation, offering elite-level VCE/IB and UMAT tuition in Melbourne, regional VIC and now in WA, QLD, NSW, ACT and New Zealand.

Since 1990 PTTI has assisted many students to successfully complete their VCE or IB and gain university entrance in their chosen career paths, such as Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Biomedicine, Sciences, Commerce, Law etc.

Over the last 14 years, through ongoing research and evaluation of various available UMAT preparation programs and courses in Australia and New Zealand, NIE UMAT preparation materials have consistently been chosen by PTTI as the ONLY relevant resources for their UMAT tuition programs. This means, that PTTI exclusively uses ONLY NIE resources to coach students for the UMAT exam.

Similarly, PTTI is NIE’s preferred and strongly recommended UMAT tuition provider!

An exclusive UMAT NIE 'Premium Advanced Plus' and 'Premium Advanced' packages are available to PTTI students only.

PTTI's tutoring together with the unique NIE UMAT program will:

  • Help you prepare effectively for the very demanding UMAT Exam!
  • Give you that head start necessary to put you ahead of the “pack” and eliminate the fear and anxiety felt by a majority of students prior to the Exam!

Tutoring is now available in Melbourne, Bendigo, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and New Zealand.

  • One-on-one private personalised tuition
  • Small group tuition
  • On-line via Skype tuition

To inquire, please call, text or email:

  • Office: (03) 9817  6886
  • M: 0468 516 899
  • E:

UMAT Courses Tuition


For those who feel that they would like an edge and complete medical interview training preparation, NIE offers personal one-on-one UMAT and GAMSAT intensive medical interview training and personalised feedback sessions. The training includes preparation for the undergraduate and postgraduate MMI, structured, semi-structed interviews. Sit through a strenuous simulated 3 hour GAMSAT / UMAT interview with experienced interviewer followed by a full written and verbal feedback session that covers:

  • your individual answers to each question asked
  • revolutionary interview formula that allows you to answer any question thrown at you
  • body language
  • eye contact
  • etiquette
  • posture
  • animation
  • grammar
  • language
  • vocabulary
  • pronunciation
  • annunciation and speech
  • clothing and presentation
  • personalised hints, tips and strategies

Please note, our Interview Techniques Manual is required for the GAMSAT or UMAT interview training. If you have not completed one of our UMAT preparation courses, you will need to purchase the Interview Techniques Manual prior to undertaking the interview training session.


For students in Adelaide, NIE has partnered with South Australia's leading private tutor to offer an ongoing, elite and unequalled UMAT program. Backed by the NIE UMAT preparation books and workshops, our UMAT tutor leads his students through weekly intensive UMAT drills, practice tests and strategic UMAT exercises. Having independently tested all of the available UMAT Prep providers over a 5 year period, our exclusive UMAT tutor recognised NIE as the only organisation that delivered consistent successful results. Partnering with NIE, the privately tutored students in Adelaide continue to show great achievement each year.

For further details please phone 1300 974 187


Our ‘One-on-One Online’ program is a great alternative for students in remote areas or students with particular requirements who may not be able to receive support otherwise.

Tutoring online, using programs such as Skype or our Online Chat service allows the same one-on-one teaching and interaction as regular sessions. We will incorporate chat and video to provide you with a highest service possible. Assistance can be organised whenever you need it at home or anywhere a computer is accessible. Your UMAT tutor will plan lessons to meet your requirements and work at a pace to suit your learning needs.

National Institute of Education: Leaders in UMAT Preparation Courses in Australia and New Zealand, providing the most comprehensive head-start into the UMAT preparation as well as UMAT and GAMSAT Interview training. NIE provides the widest and most up-to-date range of UMAT preparation resources:

UMAT Courses, UMAT preparation books, FREE UMAT Practice questions, sample UMAT 2014 questions, UMAT Interview training, GAMSAT interview preparation, UMAT tuition, UMAT past questions and more...

Attempt our NEW 2016 UMAT practice questions and instantly check how you ranked against others in your UMAT preparation. 100% Updated 2016 UMAT Courses, UMAT Preparation Materials, and UMAT Books are now available. UMAT Blog / FREE UMAT online chat / UMAT Preparation advice / FREE UMAT Practice Questions / UMAT Interview / GAMSAT Interview. Join our UMAT blog and our FREE online UMAT chat! Check regularly for UMAT updates, news about UMAT exams, and UMAT strategies for every UMAT section and UMAT construct.

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