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UMAT 2019 Date

When will UMAT 2019 be held? Important UMAT 2019 dates.

Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test, UMAT, is held once a year on the last Wednesday of July. 

Please note, the below dates are only predictions based on past UMAT season dates. This page will be updated accordingly as soon as ACER releases the exact dates for the UMAT 2019.

UMAT 2019 will most likely be held on Wednesday, 31 of July 2019 (ACER is yet to confirm this date).
UMAT 2019 registration (for university admissions in 2020) will most likely open early December 2018. 
Registration for UMAT 2019 will most likely close early June 2019, with late registrations being accepted up until 5.00pm AEST mid-June 2019 (late fee of about $65 on top of the registration fee will apply).
UMAT 2019 results will be released  about mid-September 2019.
Student will have to apply to each individual university by the published deadline, which is usually 30th of September 2019. Some universities might have a different deadline date, and hence students are highly encourage to do their research early.
Medical interview offers 2019 will start to progressively come out from mid-October 2019 onwards. Different universities will have specific dates for releasing the interview offers, as well as when the interviews will be held for the local and interstate applicants. 

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