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UMAT Preparation Courses and Workshops - reviews & feedback

If you already attended our UMAT workshop, we would kindly appreciate if you could click here to submit your feedback about your experience on the day!

"Very thorough explanations of the pattern questions in section 3 helped me solve the questions much faster, also looking at the questions and answers in section 1 and section 2 was helpful. Interview training was extremely beneficial, would definitely without a doubt come to NIE for training if offered an interview. Very friendly teachers who knew exactly what they were talking about and had genuine interest in helping the students to score well in the UMAT."

"Thank you for the workshop yesterday. I am so glad I went. Was a great eye-opener for me. I am in year 11 now, should I come to your next workshop again?"

"The workshop was fun, and it was nice to have three different teachers, I never got bored and the day went very fast. I signed up my younger son for your Sydney June workshop. Thanks again!"

"The talks about strategy and how to approach questions, especially construct 3 techniques and also the psychology behind construct 2."

"I wish I knew about your organisation last year, extremely satisfied with what I got out of the day."

"The mock exam was very beneficial as you are able to experience what an actual UMAT is like. However, I also found the feedback during the practical activities (interviews and scenarios) very helpful."

"Hi NIE, I just would like to say thank you to Zob, Luan and Sasha for providing me with this learning opportunity. I was going to give up on UMAT as after completing my ACER booklets I felt like there is no way I can get a good score in the UMAT, now I actually believe I am going to be just fine :) Thank you."

"I did UMAT last year and scored very low. After attending your workshop this year, I felt that your mock test paper was just as difficult if not more. It was fantastic to have very similar questions in your practice UMAT test as the questions I had in last year's UMAT. I felt like I sat UMAT all over again, and can really see now the areas where I am struggling and require improvement."

"Thank you to all of the teachers at the workshop who stayed behind answering my questions, I did not realise that I took over an hour of your time. Thank you!"

"Great workshop, very beneficial, gave myself a good pat on the back for attending."

"I have been to all your workshops since 2011, and every time I learn something new. My scores in 2011 were around 12th percentile, then they were around 50th last year, and this year I came first in the class for all three sections. I feel very confident to sit the UMAT this year! I appreciate your support and dedication."

"Section 1 - clarified some things for me, just need to practice more to get better at it. Section 2 - was very informative, and I thought it was useful to have a Psychology lecturer going over this section, and now that I know the reasoning behind section 2 testing my approach to solving the questions took 360 degree turn. Section 3 - brilliant! I could not even do one question at the beginning of the workshop, now it's my most favourite section of the UMAT. I actually stayed up until 3am doing practice questions for this section after your workshop, very motivated now when I know what I am doing. Thank you to all the teachers."

"My friend told me that you can't get ready for UMAT and that it is a general knowledge test. I actually feel relieved that I enrolled into your UMAT training course, otherwise I would have been very angry at myself on the 30th of July this year for listening to my friend. Thanks NIE and the teachers." 

"I was warmly surprised when I dropped my daughter off in the morning and saw that this course was run by three teachers in a relatively small group of students. This is very uncommon these days. Great to see that your organisation takes teaching seriously. Money well spent, my daughter was very tired after the workshop, but very happy that she attended."

"My eldest son did your course in 2010 and now he is in UNSW doing Medicine, my second son did your course last year and he got accepted into UWS, my daughter did your UMAT course this year and hopefully she is on the way to Med as well. I would like to buy your new 2014 UMAT books though, could you please advise how to get them. Thank you." 

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