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Hi NIE! I thought I would drop a quick testimonial. I am so glad I enrolled into your Platinum course earlier this year. UMAT was very tough, and few novelties in all sections, especially section 3. I was also enrolled into another course, but I really feel that your platinum pack 1 and 2 books got me to think outside the box. Initially I was a little frustrated when using those books as it took me a hwile to figure out each question, but when similar difficulty and style questions turned up in the UMAT I finally got to rip the benefits from my UMAT preparation. Thank you NIE. Keep your good work.
(comment: 29/07 6.23pm)

Dear NIE, I sat UMAT two days ago, and glad that it is over now. The test was difficult, but I managed to get through and finished on-time. I would like to thank NIE for your continues support in helping me with my preparation for the last couple of years. I had Platinum package, and I feel like it saved me especially for section 3 this year. While I did learn different rules to solve the questions with patterns and pick the middle, but especially platinum books allowed me to think broadly in terms of looking at non-verbal reasoning questions that did not have an obvious pattern to it. Once again thank you, and hopefully I will see you for the interviews training session later in the year!
(comment: 31/0, 9.49pm)

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say thank you heaps for the great UMAT preparation course.  I think the test went really well, and I found your practice questions to be very similar and so close to the questions in the test yesterday. With majority of the non-verbal reasoning questions, I almost felt like I have done those questions before, and hence solved them very fast. Your books and the strategies I learned during the workshop helped me immensely.  Once again, thank you so much for everything!
(comment: 31/07, 7.47pm)

Hi . The questions in your books and the timed tests really helped me to get ready for the UMAT today" Thank you for your support, Alex.
(comment: 31/07, 11.02pm)

UMAT is over!!!!!!!!!! Now I can get back to my trials....Amanda, thank you for sending me book 3 on such short notice before the test. I think that's the only section I did really well in, I didn't get a chance to study for anything else. I need to buy your complete course for UMAT next year. 
(comment: 31/07, 7.47pm)

Hi Sasha, my son is very happy with the UMAT yesterday, we are all very anxious to find out what score he will get. As you know our daughter also want to study medicine. I would like for her to take your UMAT course in 2015, when can we enrol and buy the 2015 books? Thank you, Suzanna 
(comment: 01/08,11.09am)

Very stressful day once again, but I think I've done well this time much better than last year when I left preparation till the last minute. Thanks heaps for all the strategies you suggested, I think your course is heaps good and relevant for this test.
(comment: 30/07, 8.17am)

All good, thanks for the workshop and the books. I was in your premium course, and I think it is very relevant and helpful for the test preparation.
(comment: 01/08,12.56pm)

Hello NIE. I am so glad UMAT is over. I have a good feeling I will get a good score this year again. I missed out on your UMAT interview prep last time and hence didn't get into the university of my choice. Will you be taking more students for interview training this year? I really need to make sure to get a place with you for this year if I do get interview offer. How can I make sure to get a spot with you this year? I attended another course interview workshop last year, and I didn't learn much. I really want to be part of your one-on-one interview training. Can I somehow pre-book a spot to make sure I don't miss out.
(comment: 29/08, 3.29pm)

Thank you to all the NIE tutors, and the books you sent me...your prep course is very good, and like you said attending your UMAT workshop prep day was like to attempt the actual UMAT before the real test...ow it will be a painful waiting game to get the scores
(comment: 02/08,  9.11am)

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