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Simulated UCAT Day

Strategic and determined students start their UCAT preparation early!

Posted: March 14, 2022

Intensive UCAT Preparation Workshop

Live Online Interactive

27 January 2024 - Live Online Interactive

OR Face-to-Face in Sydney (Chatswood) 27 January 2024

Includes an online 3-hour "Part 2' follow-up session with parents.



If you are sitting UCAT in 2024

The NIE Intensive UCAT workshop can really help fast-track your UCAT preparation, especially if you have not done much work yet. Even if you have been preparing already, the workshop is a great opportunity to attain some additional strategies and to also assess your readiness by attempting an actual UCAT difficulty level trial test, which you will receive as part of this program.  

If you are in Years 9, 10, 11 or 12

The NIE UCAT intensive training workshop is also beneficial for Year 9 and 10 students who are considering sitting UCAT in the future. 

The ideal approach to preparing for the UCAT is to start low-frequency and high-consistency preparation in the early stages of senior high school years. While you can and will have to still spend some time preparing during Year 12, it would be much better if the bulk of your preparation has been completed prior to the start of the busy Year 12 schedule. This way, you would only need to spend 1-2 hours per week practising to maintain your UCAT pace, rather than spending more time on the UCAT preparation and stressing about the Year 12 work. Therefore, we recommend that you officially start your UCAT training by participating in our full-day intensive UCAT preparation workshop.

Medical school interview preparation

Details of the full range of NIE's medical interview support and preparation services can be found here: Medical Interview Training with NIE


Medical Interview Workshop

21 - 22 February 2024 - Live Online Interactive

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        Future Doctors Australia 4-day Program(limited spots)

(For 14 - 18 year old students)

Sydney:  18 - 21 July 2024 
  Melbourne: 27 - 30 September 2024 
   Sydney:  10 - 13 October 2024  
           Brisbane:  14 - 17 December 2024          



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UCAT 2024 testing begins in...

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