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Last minute UCAT preparation and practice

Posted: July 03, 2021

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Simulated UCAT Day Workshop - Live Online Interactive



UCAT Preparation Platform 

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Practise endurance, speed, and understanding of the UCAT-style questions by completing 10 full UCAT practice tests under the exam conditions.

The platform also includes video tutorials, quizzes, drills, and much more. 

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Head-start Interview Preparation

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Complete UCAT Courses - various levels of preparation and options available to meet individual student needs.

UCAT Preparation Workshop - 5 sections of the UCAT covered + full mock exam under timed conditions + introduction to medical interviews.

UCAT Training Digital Platform - From $79 -  UCAT Kaplan Platform - Affordable and superior to any other training available worldwide. 

UCAT Textbooks - recommended list of textbooks to support your UCAT and Interview preparation.

Medical Interviews Workshop - lift your performance above the competition, validating your sincerity and burning positive lasting impressions into the minds of the selection panel.

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UCAT 2024 testing begins in...

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