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Interactive UCAT Preparation and Tuition Workshop

Strategic and determined students start their UCAT preparation early!

Dear Prospective UCAT Candidate

In this newsletter, we would like to provide recommendations regarding UCAT preparation for students who are in Years 10, 11, and especially those who will be starting Year 12 very soon. 

If you are considering a career in medicine or dentistry, you will need to sit a compulsory entry exam known as the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) before you can apply for relevant placements in the aforementioned fields of study within most universities. 

The very first time you can sit the UCAT is in Year 12 (in Australia) or Year 13 (in New Zealand).

Please note, that some pathways into medicine, dentistry, and clinical sciences may not require the UCAT ANZ. For details candidates should refer to the websites of the universities to which they intend to apply.

Sitting UCAT next year? Consistent exam preparation is highly recommended. Make sure you are continuously practising UCAT-style questions, drills, and practice tests. If you have not started your UCAT preparation yet, we recommend either an Advanced or Comprehensive Course.

In Year 10 or 11? Do your research early. Find out what is required for medical entry in Australia and/or New Zealand. Give us a call and speak to one of our knowledgeable teachers about UCAT, medical interviews, a career in health, or pathways into medicine and dentistry. 

Coming up!

Are you in Year 10, 11 or 12?

9 October 2021

Intensive UCAT Training Workshop - LIVE ONLINE INTERACTIVE

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Looking for Medical Interview Preparation?

Medical Interview Training with NIE

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Complete UCAT Courses - various levels of preparation and options available to meet individual student needs.

UCAT Preparation Workshop - 5 sections of the UCAT covered + full mock exam under timed conditions + introduction to medical interviews.

Ongoing UCAT Training - UCAT Kaplan Platform - Affordable and superior to any other UCAT training available worldwide. 

UCAT and Interview Textbooks - recommended list of textbooks to support your UCAT and Interview preparation.



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