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Simulated UCAT Day Workshop

Are you in year 10, 11 or 12 and considering a career in medicine or dentistry?

Then you are invited to attend and participate in one of the NIE's popular workshops, known as ‘The Simulated UCAT Day". Please note, this event is in-high-demand, places are strictly limited, and registration is required. 

This event will be conducted by the National Institute of Education in partnership in partnership with UCAT Preparation AustraliaMICAS (Medical Interviews and Career Advise Services) and PTTI (Pro Training Tutorial Institute). 

The workshop is designed to cover fundamental techniques in navigating all five section of the newly introduced UCAT test. Students will spend the days with one of our specialist teachers in the field and will be able to ask questions and address any concerns they may have about the test.  The 5 sections of the new UCAT test, which will be covered at the workshop are listed below

Verbal Reasoning - assess your ability to critically evaluate information presented in a written form.

Decision Making - assess your ability to make sound decisions and judgements using complex information.

Quantitative Reasoning - assess your ability to critically evaluate information presented in a numerical form.

Abstract Reasoning - assess your ability the use of convergent and divergent thinking to infer relationships from information.

Situational Judgement - assess your ability to measures the capacity to understand real-world situations and to identify critical factors and appropriate behaviour in dealing with them.

Just after lunch comes the challenge - a sitting of the UCAT under strict exam conditions. Just like during the actual test, each section will be timed separately. Students will not be allowed to write on the test paper and will only use notepad and calculator where required. The primary purpose of the SUD is for students to attempt a full test in real-time conditions and see exactly how they would perform. Students will be provided with answers and explanations to the test from which they can complete further study in their own time.  Sitting the trial test will give the candidates more time to better prepare for the real UCAT, and to better address their weaker areas. 

In the final part of the day, 4.30 - 6.00pm , we would like to invite students' parents to join us for about 1.5 hours, during which we will be discussing some of the other important aspects and processes to do with the undergraduate pathways into medicine. We will discuss some vital intricacies that candidates often overlook when planning and applying for medicine, as well as discussion around future plans etc. This will be also a forum to answer any general questions that students and parents may have in relation to the pathways into medicine. 

Our face-to-face UCAT workshop is an excellent chance for you to assess yourself (while being assessed!) and discover what areas need the most attention.

  • Workshop Duration: 9am - 6.00pm.
  • Lunch will be provided, which includes vegetarian, non-pork halal, and kosher options. Please note, if your requirements are more specific, we kindly ask that you bring your own food for the day. Students are encouraged to bring morning tea and any extra snacks as it is a long day of training. 
  • Summary of Workshop Contents: Arrivals and meeting the teacher(s), introduction to UCAT and career in Health, UMAT tutorial covering Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning,  and Situational Judgement, Practice Test (2 hours), Introduction to UCAT Medical Interviews - MMI, Structured and Semi-structured Panel.  Questions from students and parents session.  
  • Cost: $279.

UCAT NIE Workshop dates and locations

ENROL to secure your spot today!

ACTCanberra23-Feb-20SundayTBAEnrol Now
ACTCanberra19-Apr-20SundayTo be advisedEnrol Now
NSWSydney2-Nov-19SaturdayUNSW - KensingtonEnrol Now
NSWCastle Hill22-Jan-20WednesdayTBAEnrol Now
NSWSydney8-Mar-20SundayUNSW - KensingtonEnrol Now
NSWSydney5-Apr-20SundayUNSW - KensingtonEnrol Now
NSWNewcastle9-May-20SaturdayTo be advisedEnrol Now
NSWSydney10-May-20SundayUNSW - KensingtonEnrol Now
NSWSydney7-Jun-20SundayUNSW - KensingtonEnrol Now
NSWBlacktown20-Jun-20SaturdayTBAEnrol Now
NTDarwin9-May-20SaturdayTBAEnrol Now
QLDBrisbane4-Oct-19Friday (Sc.Holidays)WoolloongabbaEnrol Now
QLDBrisbane16-Feb-20SundayTaringaEnrol Now
QLDRockhampton29-Mar-20SundayTBAEnrol Now
QLDGold Coast5-Apr-20SundayQAHSEnrol Now
QLDBrisbane24-May-20SundayTaringaEnrol Now
QLDBrisbane28-Jun-20SundayTaringaEnrol Now
SAAdelaide25-Jan-20SaturdayUniversity of SAEnrol Now
SAAdelaide15-Mar-20SundayUniversity of SAEnrol Now
SAAdelaide3-May-20SudnayUniversity of SAEnrol Now
SAAdelaide13-Jun-20SaturdayUniversity of SAEnrol Now
TASHobart26-Apr-20SundayTBAEnrol Now
VICMelbourne25-Sep-19Wed (Sc.Holidays)RichmondEnrol Now
VICMelbourne15-dec-19SaturdayRichmondEnrol Now
VICMelbourne19-Jan-20SundayRichmondEnrol Now
VICWodonga4-Apr-20SaturdayRichmondEnrol Now
VICMelbourne19-Apr-20SundayRichmondEnrol Now
VICMelbourne6-Jun-20SaturdayTo Be AdvisedEnrol Now
VICMelbourne28-Jun-20SundayTo Be AdvisedEnrol Now
WAPerth18-Aug-20SundaySubiacoEnrol Now
WAPerth22-Feb-20SaturdayPerthEnrol Now
WAPerth28-Mar-20SaturdayCanning ValeEnrol Now
WAPerth23-May-20SaturdaySubiacoEnrol Now

Disclaimer: Venues at which the NIE workshops are held such as UNSW, UQLD, UWA and UniSA are in no way are associated with the NIE or advertised programs. The venues used are solely for room and facilities hire only.


I obtained scores of 98% (70 raw), 96% (63 raw), 96% (65 raw). My overall percentile was 99%. Thank you very much for all your support throughout my UMAT preparation.

My parents are... Read More


Just thought I'd let you know how I went in UMAT. I got in the 97th percentile which I'm really happy with!! I just want to say thanks for the course and the materials, they were very useful.


Hi Simon,

Kasun got very good results for his UMAT. He got 99th , 87th and 88th percentiles respectively for the three sections. His overall percentile is 97th.

These results will lead him... Read More


Hi, I scored 100 in section 1, and 96 in section 3, I'm absolutely stoked with these marks and couldn't have done it without NIE.

Still can't believe that 1st section mark, and that third section... Read More


My percentiles were 100, 67, and 89 and I got an interview for NSW. There is no way I could have done it without your NIE program. Out of curiosity, what sort of UMAT results are needed to get an... Read More


Thank you so much for your help with the UMAT preparation. I have got my results back and have done quite well, my percentiles were:

Section 1 …98 Section 2 …98 Section 3 …79.

I am very... Read More


Hi Simon,

I'm not sure whether you even remember me or not, but I did the UMAT last year and was trying to get into medicine. i know this comes really late, but well, i ended up getting in at... Read More


I thought the program was definitely helpful, although I still don't think I went too well on the UMAT. I know it would have been a lot worse had I not done the course. i probably needed to spend... Read More


Hi Simon and Miranda!!

just wanted to say the BIGGEST thankyou for all your help with the interview prep. One thing that i certainly did find at the Adelaide interview was that they really made... Read More


Hey Simon,

its Nadine here, and I have just got my umat results back. but due to living in china (and the loss of contact with actual, sane reality that inevitably follows that, lol) i dont know... Read More


Hi, my name is Miri.

You probably don’t remember me, but I was the girl at the Adelaide UMAT prep course this year 'who just couldn’t see the shapes in the puzzles' and insisted it was... Read More


Dear Simon and Miranda Christie,

My Name is Samuel Hall and I undertook the NIE UMAT Preparation Course and Mock Interview Course in 2005.

I am pleased to let you know that the wonderful advice... Read More



Your program was excellent for preparation for the UMAT, and many thanks to you and NIE. The interview booklet has also been of great help in preparation for next week's UNSW... Read More


I now have my UMAT scores, and here they are: Raw: 1: 88 2: 84 3: 67 Percentiles: 1: 100 2: 100 3: 96

So that's really good, and I want to thank you again for your course.


Dear Simon, Miranda & Daniella,

On Friday I received my UMAT results and was very happy with them. I scored well in all sections, getting on the 100th percentile in the first section, which I... Read More


Thanks NIE!

I got an interview at my first choice New South Wales! I’m delighted! Without your help I'm certain that i wouldn’t have done half as good! Although i haven't got my UMAT results... Read More


Hi Simon and Miranda,

Our children just received their UMAT results half an hour ago. They have both done quite well and we thank you for all your assistance.

Scores were 94, 67 and 96 and 99,... Read More

Beow Leng


My umat results were 56, 56, 54; with percentile of 76, 76, 74.

A bit disappointing, but when doors close others always open. Either way I wouldn’t have scored anywhere near that... Read More


Hi Simon,

Good news at my end in London:

Section 1: 59% Section 2: 98% Section 3: 96%

I'm hopeful that this might be enough to sneak in for an interview. Will let you know if I get an... Read More


Hey Simon,

Just letting you know, my percentiles were 91, 95, 65.

Thankyou very much for your assistance in the course, without the assistance in (especially in section three) I think I may... Read More


Thanks NIE, my scores did earn me an interview at UNSW.

I'm really happy with the overall quality of the preparation materials.

Without NIE I may not even earn a place for interview at... Read More


Hi, my results were (percentiles) 94, 100, 99. My raw scores were 65, 84 and 76.

It's hard exactly to say how much doing the course helped me actually get better marks but the big thing was the... Read More


Hey guys!

Just thought I should let you know that I got into Medicine at Monash (My first preference). I would just like to say thanks for the UMAT and interview help you guys gave. By the way, I... Read More


Thanks for your email, just to let you know I did make it into medicine at Hobart, which is what I wanted. Maybe my efforts weren’t that bad after all.

Thanks again.


Dear Simon,

I was one of the many students that participated in your workshop last year, and I have to say it was a great help. The UMAT workbooks and information you provided were more than... Read More


I have recently signed up for your UMAT preparation course in June, and have been working through the material you have sent over - it is such a massive help for me. I've been working through the... Read More


Hello to the (really nice) people at NIE UMAT preparation...This is Barbara, I don't know if you remember me, but I undertook your course on preparation for the UMAT exam, as well as the mock... Read More


Dear Simon/Miranda

How are you guys going?

It's V here, I'm not sure if you remember me but I attended a couple of your workshops.

Just letting you know that I did end up making Med at UNSW... Read More


Hi Simon & Miranda,

I have received all the study material and books through mail today, thanks very much. Sunday's workshop was very impressive and very helpful. I would never regret... Read More


I would like to thank you guys once again for your valuable coaching. I would recommend to all future students sitting the UMAT! Thanks,


Hi, it’s Amuthan here, you did interview training with me for the JCU interview. I thought I should let u know, that I got a first round CSP offer into Griffith dentistry and I just got offered a... Read More


Thanks to your course I was able to place in the 100 percentile for this year’s UMAT.

My raw scores were 74, 61, 82 which was roughly 100, 90, 100 in percentile terms. The NIE books were... Read More


I did the NIE course for two years.

I struggled at the start with the easiest questions in the book. I thought I could not improve my performance in the UMAT and I was never going to become a... Read More


Dear Miranda and Simon,

I am writing to thank you for helping me with my interview for Physiotherapy at Monash University. I received and have enrolled into the course. I will influence anyone I... Read More


Hi, this is Annjaleen. I just wanted to say a very very big thank you for your help and advice about all things interview and to let you know that I got a accepted to Adelaide and Monash. I was a bit... Read More


Dear Simon,

I am sure you could remember me. I came for interview practice to attend an interview in the UK, Hull York Medical School(HYMS). I am very pleased to say that I have been given an... Read More



Thank you for a very informative and interesting workshop! May I please have a copy of the answers (and explanations) to the UMAT Trial Test completed today?

Thanks again,


Thank you for a very informative and interesting workshop! May I please have a copy of the answers (and explanations) to the UMAT Trial Test completed today?

Thanks again,



My name is Sathyan and I am one of the students who attended the wokshop on July 5. Unfortunately I had to leave early and was unable to view the solutions to the practice test. I was... Read More


Dear Miranda,

Normally i have been getting 30's in the online course for section 2. However, after i did the NIE test at the workshop, i only got 18, which was of great concern to me. So i decided... Read More


Hey Simon, Miranda & Daisy.

I just wanted to say thank you heaps for the great UMAT practice day on Saturday and the brilliantly written course books & questions, they helped immensely and I'll... Read More


Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for the reassurance. The test actually went well, I know that the NIE preparation helped me enormously and really matched well with the exam question types. I... Read More


Hey Simon/Miranda :)

UMAT IS OVER WOOHOO!!!!!!!! I can finally have my life back now! Well at least one half, VCE owns the other half. I found it was a pretty okay exam - section 1 was much much... Read More


I'd like to tell you that my daughter *ML, *ML's sister, went to your course in 2003 and achieved excellent results and received medicine course offers from Adelaide Uni, Melbourne Uni, Tasmania Uni... Read More


I recently attended the UMAT workshop and it provided me with such an insight into the exam. I was quite unprepared and being there made me realise that I do need to boost my preparation, thank you.


I have done the interview training (personal one) with tutor and was great and awesome. I strongly recommend you guys to do it with NIE tutor as we can get very important information and training to... Read More

Paul Lee


I attended the UMAT lecture in Brisbane on Sunday and I feel like I gained a lot of benefit from the workshop and would like to thank all the teachers for their help.



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