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Why does NIE go to the effort and expense of authoring, printing and posting hardcopy books?

The answer is quite easy; it simply works best for the student

Put it this way, hardcopy books correctly mirror the UMAT, which is a hardcopy test sat at a desk and the hardcopy answer sheet is filled in with a real pencil. The only think online in relation to the UMAT is the application to sit the test. But applying for the test is not what gets you into medicine is it?

So what are the benefits of studying for UMAT online. Again the answer is easy; there are no benefits for the student, it simply means that the company providing the material can save thousands of dollars on printing an posting.


With NIE you have true educational organisation that is passionate about providing the world’s best UMAT training and hence your best opportunity to maximise your UMAT scores. We don’t script and save on educators, we don’t outsource our content, we don’t rely on students to author or deliver our material. We employ highly experienced and qualified teachers, we author in house and provide hardcopy books because we know they are far more convenient, practical and effective.

Sure, it would be great if we went online and increased our profit margins accordingly. But profit margins are not more important than seeing you reach your full potential and goals. Shouldn’t that be the aim of any valid educational organisation?

So down to nuts and bolts; books can be carried with you at any time. You don’t need a computer and a high speed internet connection to study them. You can make notes on your books, scroll back and forward quickly, access multiple pages and books at once and easily discuss them with others at any point in time and at any location. Books are flexible and adaptable in how and when you study. Online resources are not.

Think it through. Work with an organisation that puts your needs first, an organisation that values core and proven educational principles above higher profits and an organisation that delivers learning resources that are far more applicable, relevant and successful. And it this case, that is hard copy books; the same proven materials that NIE has been developing, publishing and utilising since 1999.

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