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Universities which do not require a UCAT score.

Is UCAT a compulsory exam?

Posted: September 05, 2017

While UCAT is used as part of a selection process into most universities in Australia which offer undergraduate medicine and dentistry, there are two universities which do not actually require a UCAT score. 

James Cook University (JCU) 

JCU does NOT use UCAT as part of their selection process.

JCU has a two-step application process for the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery.

  1. Apply online at QTAC’s website.
  2. Submit a written application form directly to JCU by deadline.

School subjects prerequisites: English; Maths B; Chemistry. 

Successful applicants will be invited for a medical interview. 

Inevitably, because of the 'no UCAT required' criteria, this would be a very competitive selection process. Applicants, who meet the subject pre-requisites, and a high academic achievement  scores are highly encouraged to apply.  

You will also have to perform exceptionally well in your medical interview. At NIE we encourage students to prepare for your oral assessment well in advance, rather than leaving it until the time when interview offers are made. At times students might end up with only few days notice of their interview offer, which leaves them with no time left for thorough preparation. Don't forget , you will be competing against high profile students.  Read more about JCU Medicine...

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Bond University

Bond University also does not use UCAT scores as part of the selection process into medicine. However, as of 2018 Bond University has introduced their own Psychometric Test as part of their selection criteria into their medical degree.  

Entry is also very competitive. Applicants are selected through a rigorous assessment process based on outstanding academic achievement, psychometric test result and an interview which tests the candidate on their personal attributes such as knowledge and critical thinking; leadership, initiative and teamwork; communication skills; and responsibility. Short-listed applicants are required to attend an interview in person at Bond University on the Gold Coast where their general suitability to medicine and preparedness to undertake a highly demanding course will be examined at an interview.

Keep in mind that Bond University is a private entity, and hence the tuition fees are considerably higher.  Read more about Bond University Medicine...

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