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Book 8 : Final Time Trial Test

AUD69.00 each


  •  Experience new UMAT structure practice exam designed to reflect new changes to UMAT (all mixed sections).
  •  Test your UMAT skills and knowledge under exam conditions.
  •  Gain experience of test rules and regulations.
  •  Assess your level of readiness by attempting a full strength exam with a realistic UMAT difficultly level.
  •  Polish your UMAT and exam-readiness skills. Which construct still requires more work?


  •  An exam based on the real thing.
  •  Imitates rules and regulations.
  •  Same instructions and time limit.
  •  Same types and number of questions in the same test layout.
  •  Answers and explanations to all questions.
  •  An invaluable experience and preparation assessment tool.
  •  Test: 64 pages / Answers = 24 pages
Brand URL : https://nie.edu.au/umat-courses/umat-books

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