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Book 2 : UMAT Understanding People

AUD129.00 each


  •  Define Understanding People in relation to UMAT.
  •  Develop required emotional intelligence and academic skills.
  •  Develop required pacing skills.
  •  Develop a confident approach to Understanding People construct for the UMAT.


  •  Explains 'Understanding People' construct in relation to UMAT.
  •  Defines components of understanding: psychology, emotions, feelings and empathy.
  •  Provides a strategy for ethical decision making.
  •  Provides teaching material, hints tips, pacing skills and strategies for UP questions.
  •  Provides worked examples and a bank of practice questions with answers.
  •  200 questions with answers and worked explanations.
  •  176 pages
Brand URL : https://www.nie.edu.au/umat-courses/umat-books

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