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Advanced UCAT Skills Tuition (12-Hour program , Sections 2,3,4 & 5)

AUD1,290.00 each

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This 12-hour package helps students at all stages of UCAT preparation, as this course is flexible and can be catered to the student’s needs, knowledge, and understanding of the UCAT. The program will be conducted over six separate 2-hour sessions. Your teacher will get in contact with you very shortly after you have finalised the enrolment order. 

The program has been designed and will be conducted Live Online as 1-on-1 tuition sessions by an experienced UCAT tutor. Click here to view our tutor profiles. 

The program aims to cover the Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, and Situational Judgement subtests. 

The students will learn some tips and tricks to improve their accuracy, once that’s groundwork has been laid the students will perform time trials to improve their timing while maintaining their accuracy under time pressure. Students will be required to do questions and mock subtests prior to each session at home. This will help track their progress and will help inform the lesson plan. As more time in a session maybe be devoted to working on weaknesses and reinforcing strengths. Students will also be given a timetable on when to complete the mock tests and mock subtests, this will allow students to utilise all the resources at their disposal while not cramming in too many questions and becoming overloaded. It is recommended that only one session be completed in a day to allow students to prepare for the next session adequately and help them process what they have learned. 

The following table, shows the generic structure of the program, for those that want to focus on all four subsections of the UCAT equally. However, your teacher will cater the program to your needs, in the event that you would rather focus on some specific sections of the UCAT. Also, this package can be used over a longer period if you would like ongoing general support and guidance with your UCAT preparation.  

Generic structure - the package can be modified to meet your specific needs


Session Length

Session Objectives


2 hours

Student Review and strategies for DM, QR, AR and SJ


2 hours

Hour 1: Practice DM questions with strategies implemented

Hour 2: Practice QR questions with strategies implemented


2 hours

Hour 1: Practice AR questions with strategies implemented

Hour 2: Practice SJ questions with strategies implemented


2 hours

Hour 1: Advanced DM Questions Practiced and mini-mock

Hour 1: Advanced QR Questions Practiced and mini-mock


2 hours

Hour 1: Advanced AR Questions Practiced and mini-mock

Hour 1: Advanced SJ Questions Practiced and mini-mock


2 hours

Mocks and Practice Exam Drills

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