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UCAT Advanced Course - Medify & UCAT Workshop

AUD269.00 each
Select UCAT platform subscription period


Please note: The default choice for the online access duration is set to "1-Month". If you would like a longer access period, please select from the menu. Note, that the total price will update in relation to the duration of the access period. 

NIE UCAT Advanced Package inclusions: 

  • Access to a total of over 23,000 UCAT practice questions with answers and explanations

  • In total this package will provide access to 26 full practice tests (24 in Medify, one as part of the workshop, and one more as part of the Kaplan book)

  • Includes Medify Online Course access 

  • NIE - Simulated UCAT workshop (2-part program including 1 full practice test)

Medify Online Course  (Select the duration of your online access from the menu) : 

Medify online course is designed as a comprehensive all-in-one package, which includes all you need to study on your own and at your pace to achieve success in the UCAT. Included in this package are: 

  • 50 hours+ of recorded tutorial videos - You will be provided with the recorded lesson videos of your course. These will help you to recap on anything you need to review, as you work through your practice materials. 
  • 24 Practice tests - You will have access to 24 online practice tests that will increase your familiarity with UCAT exam questions and build your testing stamina. All our tests can be adapted to fit the additional time required by students taking the UCAT.
  • 40+ Mini Mocks - The Mini Mocks are designed specifically to help you with your speed and are handy when you do not have enough time to complete a full test, yet you want to keep practicing.
  • Personalised analytics feedback reports - Instantly track your progress on your practice tests and quizzes, view your average pace, performance by question type, and access detailed explanations for every question. Your home screen will provide your test statistics for instant retrieval.
  • 24/7 Access - Access your online resources at any point that suits you for complete convenience.


NIE Simulated UCAT Day workshop: 


NIE test preparation workshop is an intensive 2-day event, which will cover all 5 sections of the UCAT, types of questions, preparation techniques, and advice. As part of the program, students will have to complete a full mock UCAT test and after completion, students are able to compare their performance against the performance of other NIE students. Marking criteria, answers, and explanations will be provided to students. More information about the NIE SUD workshop can be found here...

Date and location of the workshops:

Our workshops are conducted across most major cities in Australia. We also conduct the workshops as LIVE-Online events, which is ideal for those living in more remote locations or if there is no workshop offered specifically for your city. You can view the available dates and locations by clicking on the drop-down menu just above the "Order" button on this page or for the full table-view please visit the SUD designated page here...

NIE Student Support: 

NIE is not just an online company. We pride ourselves on having close and personal relationships with our clients and attending to their questions as fast as possible. Our student support allows our clients to contact NIE staff directly and to have their questions answered in relation to UCAT, the university application process, medical interviews, preparation advice and guidance, and where time permits career pathways guidance. 

NIE Client Privileges Programs (NCPP): 

By signing up for services with NIE or purchasing products through the NIE website, you automatically become entitled to NCPP privileges. These privileges include, but are not limited to - various discounts and special rates for products and services especially for repeat customers; and priority service privileges for limited access services (e.g. application review services, personal consultations, 1-on-1 coaching and tutoring, workshop places, etc.) 

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