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Dr Kiah’s Tuition Group - Exclusive UCAT Preparation Package

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AUD899.00 each

Dr Kiah’s Tuition Group - Exclusive UCAT Preparation Package

The following package has been prepared exclusively for you in direct collaboration and consultation with Dr. Kiah in order to provide you with the most comprehensive and immersive all-in-one UCAT preparation Package that the NIE has to offer. In-total you will gain access to over 24,500 questions, including 30 separate full practice tests, which you will complete in both formal (workshop) and informal settings.

Over a decade of partnership between NIE and Dr. Kiah means that you will be getting this exclusive package valued at $1,100 for a reduced cost of $899 (saving of $200).


⦁ Simulated UCAT Day workshop – The workshop will be held on Saturday 10th June 2023 at The University of South Australia City West campus. This is a full-day intensive program during which students will go through some of the most important UCAT strategies followed by attempting a full UCAT-style test paper in the real UCAT timeframe.

⦁ UCAT Workshop 2.0 – This particular workshop, scheduled for Sunday 11th June 2023 is designed specifically for Dr. Kiah’s group and is not available to anyone else outside of this group. This is a 6-hour program, which consists of students attempting an additional full practice test under real-time conditions. The second part of the day will give attendees an introductory insight into the medical admission interviews and more specifically, looking into the type of questions being asked at Adelaide University medical and dental interviews. 

A Season Pass to the Medify Online UCAT Course – As part of this package you will be subscribed to Medify’s Season Pass which expires on the 13th of August 2023. Please note that the actual cost of this package component is $320 (As per Medify’s current special offer). Therefore if you have already subscribed to Medify, then we will deduct the $320 from your total package price. Your Medify Online UCAT course will provide you with access to a total of 20,495+ questions. The platform is broken down into general question banks, 24 x full practice tests, mini-quizzes and over 50 hours of recorded tutorials. Medify is currently the most comprehensive and up-to-date online platform and this is why NIE has decided to choose it for our students in 2023.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE MEDIFY SUBSCRIPTION: We understand that some students may have already subscribed to Medify directly. If this applies to you, then still go ahead with this order, but choose the "Payment over the phone" method to finalise your order. When you call our office, please let our staff know that you already have the Medify subscription and we will deduct $320 from your total. Please note that if you have subscribed to other providers than Medify, then you will still need the Medify subscription as part of Dr. Kiah's group. 

⦁ Kaplan’s ‘Score Higher in the UCAT’ textbook – This book is the highest quality UCAT preparation book currently available in the market. The book contains 1500 UCAT-style practice questions, answers and explanations including a full practice test. The book also provides students with additional online access to extra questions. 

⦁ ISC Medical’s ‘1300 UCAT Practice Questions’ textbook – Another high-quality resource containing 1300 practice questions and a full practice test from one of the top medical admissions and UCAT recourse publishers in the UK. 

⦁ NIE's Interview Techniques textbook - With over 300 practice questions, theory, practical exercises and more, this is the top-selling undergraduate medical interview preparation textbook in the market written specifically for Australian students.

⦁ How to prepare for medical interviews by Dr. Phillip McElnay – As more and more universities are steering toward MMI-style interviews, it is always worthwhile being exposed to more versatile styles of question types often used at MMI interviews. The winner of BMA Medical Books Awards, this book by Dr. McElnay is by far one of the best resources that we have come across to get you better prepared for your interview journey.   


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