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UCAT Verbal Reasoning: Advanced Skills Masterclass

AUD229.00 each


An intensive and interactive advanced UCAT Verbal Reasoning skills training program, which includes a full Verbal Reasoning section mock test.

The training will be conducted by an experienced NSW secondary education teacher Rebekah Ramsey, specialising in English and literacy advanced skills as well as being a Kaplan Certified UCAT Trainer.



  • Sunday 16th June 2024 (1 pm until about 5.30 pm AEST) - limited spots left.


The UCAT Verbal Reasoning (VR) section, has proven as one of the most challenging sections of the UCAT to prepare for as practicing questions only, is not the most efficient way of preparing. Verbal reasoning requires certain fundamental language and reading skills that normally can take a long time to fully develop.         

VR was also the section of the UCAT, which was singled out by some universities (e.g the University of Queensland and Western Sydney University) as the aggregate to allow them to better cull down the number of applicants and select candidates for the medical admission interview process. 

Therefore, we have prepared an intensive masterclass, which is designed to teach you advanced skills and strategies specifically applicable to the VR section of the UCAT. Much of the work and lesson planning for this program has been completed by one of NIE's senior teachers, with over 20 years of experience in teaching English and advanced literacy at one of the most elite selective high schools in Sydney. The program will also be facilitated by the same teacher. 

Program outcomes

  • A better understanding of the UCAT Verbal Reasoning (VR) requirements and its' testing criteria
  • UCAT Verbal Reasoning challenges: Breaking down VR and addressing specific language hurdles 
  • Question-type specific skills for TFC, Comprehension, and Inference type questions.
  • Advanced speed reading strategies
  • Strategies for improving memory retention
  • Preparation advice and guidance
  • Mock UCAT Verbal Reasoning section test (21 minutes) to be completed post-workshop. 

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