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I would like to sincerely thank Luan, Zobair and Sasha so much for their help in getting my son into medicine at Bond University. The intensive training given by Luan via Skype was excellent and prepared my son really well for the psychometric testing and interview. NIE cares so much about trying to help its students achieve their goals. I would also like to thank Sasha for her kindness, advice and generous support over the training period. I would not hesitate to highly recommend NIE not only for its outstanding training but also for the immense personal support it offers to its students.


Hi Luan, Hope you're doing well! Just got the offer into Bond Medicine!! I wanted to thank you for all your assistance in the interview preparation. I believe your approach to the training and advice really gave me an edge. Once again really just wanted to thank you for that.

Hi Sasha, I have been meaning to contact you to let you know that (J.L) was offered at place in Medicine at University of NSW and started last week. I just enrolled my son (G.L) for your interview workshop as he got an offer for JCU, and also WSU and UNSW. My youngest son will also be enrolling for UMAT with you later this year. 

Dear Zobair and Dr Bary, I've made it into UNSW medicine with an unbonded offer :D Thank you so much for helping me get here, I couldn't have achieved my dream without your help! After 2 years of disappointment with my interview results, I felt like my goal of achieving medicine was beyond my reach. However, through your interview training and continues help with Interview practice, I am now officially on my way to becoming a doctor! Thanks again guys for helping me on this tough journey, I truly appreciate all that you've done for me :)

Hi Zobair and Luan, I really don't know how to thank you for everything. The tips and feedback  at your interview workshop and feedback you gave me at the end are invaluable. You have been such a great support and thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I hope everything turns out well on the day too and I will let you know how it goes! Thank you so much. (J.M.)

Hello NIE. I am thrilled to let you know that I have been successful at being offered a place for the School of Medicine, James Cook University, QLD. I am so pleased to have been offered my first preference. Thank you very much for all of your help with my interview preparation - it payed off! Best wishes, (S.R.)

Dear Sir/Madam. The interview workshop was great. The intensive style of the program in which we were exposed to the very different interview structures was challenging and a great learning experience. Listening to the feedback for each of the candidates' mock interviews was great for improving my own approach to the interview. While I found the mock interviews quite challenging I thought it would have been nice to have more of these mock interviews with the two teachers as was done in the beginning. However in the time given, the workshop was well structured and very helpful. Regards, (N.K)

Hello. I did the workshop and the one-on-one session of interview training with Zac and Sasha in Sydney, including a mock interview and feedback afterwards. I believe this one session really cemented my interview techniques, gave me confidence and improved my weaknesses immensely! They were tough and tested your resilience - which I found to be challenging but very useful and beneficial as I encountered many interviewers in my MMI that were similarly tough or who didn't seem very positive. The questions they asked were spot on, their University specific style of questioning was great in preparing us for the challenges of each different university's interviews and the feedback they offered after the mock interview was very constructive and helpful. It was overall a very helpful training session - one that I believed pushed my interview skills to the maxi um and led me to being successful in getting into medicine at the university I wanted! My sister also went to interview training with them and she had similar positive feedback, and she also gained a place into her uni of choice. So I cannot stress enough how helpful these two have been for me and my sister - if any future students do sufficient preparation prior to the interview training and are driven to do med I am sure that Zobair and Sasha will help them to achieve their dreams just like us. Thank you Zac and Sasha! Regards (H.H.)

Dear Sasha and NIE, I just wanted to let you know that I received an offer for unbonded medicine at University of Newcastle. Thanks for your help with the interview, it was really valuable. Kind regards, (A.V.)

Hi! I'm (D.L) and I underwent an interview training session with you around 2 months ago. I just wanted to say thanks for the helpful training and advice you have given me which have resulted in my acceptance into the UNSW medical course! I found that your interview workshop session allowed me to find  certain points in my communication technique which I could have improved on and gave me an interview experience which prepared me for the real deal. Cheers, (D.L.)

Dear NIE. My son did your interview course and was very happy with it. Regards (J.S.)

Hi Sasha. Thank you for inviting (E.A.) to this course. He returned happy, enthusiastic and motivated. Please advise on any extra relevant training your offer. 

Thank you NIE. Today was exceptional. It was superinformative, I feel more confident and the teachers were great!

Fantastic workshop! Wish I attended this program last year. Took university's advise not to attend any interview coaching, and failed miserably. From the first question I already realised that I was majorly under-performing and it made it difficult to refocus and improve my answers to quite difficult questions. Recommending this program to anyone who will be going for med interview. Cheers to NIE! (L.T.)

I found the workshop extremely beneficial. I wish I have done it last year when I received an interview offer the first time. Now I see where I have gone wrong with most of my answers in my interview last year. Your workshop today gave me all the knowledge and strategies to formulate much better responses, and now I feel in control for my upcoming JCU interview. Last year I felt very nervous, but after today I feel confident and actually quite excited knowing that my performance will be 1000% better than last time. I also found your interview preparation book to be a very good and helpful resource. Do I have any suggestions for your workshop? - No, there's nothing that could have been improved; it was the best workshop ever!! Thank you NIE! I will you keep you posted once the offers come out. 

The interview workshop which has been provided today was so good and helpful for me, thanks a lot. Also, so impressed as both teachers taught very well and with so much passion. Will advise on the outcome of the interview as offers come out.

To Whom it May Concern. Thank you to NIE for coaching my son today and for giving me a call to provide feedback on how my son is progressing with his interview skills. In short the feedback my son gave me is: Amazing staff and lecturers who were engaging and encouraging. Teachers addressed the hard topics of the interviews throughout the lesson. Lots of one-to-one contact and practice. Excellent medical interview and role playing tactics. Thank You Very Much! (N.L)

Hi. This is (B.G.). I just would like to say that if you got an interview offer and you think you are ready for it, think again and try the med interview workshop NIE offers. I went to the workshop yesterday just to polish-up my skills, just to realise during the day that my skills were pretty poor and required lots of tuning. Thank you NIE for day filled with so much content and fun interactive activates. Both of your interview teachers were very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you to Zac and Dr Bary!

I think the current interview program provided is really good and helpful for the students who will be facing med interview panel soon. (S.P.)

Dear NIE. I would like to say a big 'Thank You' for coaching my daughter for her upcoming medical interview. Alice came home overwhelmed with the amount of information and knowledge she received. Alice has not stopped talking about her day and the teachers. Thank you! (L.A.)

On the 6th of November 2015, I went to a pre-medicine interviews workshop, which was focused on how to ace the Medical Interview and much more. It took up my entire day, but it was well worth it, and money well spent! As promised prior to my enrolment, the group was small and I received lots of one-on-one time with both of the teachers. During the course of the day, I learnt many invaluable facts which I will definitely be applying during my interview performance. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who is preparing for the interview. Thank you NIE for your ongoing support! (T.S.)

Dear NIE Team. We are happy to inform you that 'S.N' got a medicine offer from Monash. She has planned to take a break this year and will start the course next year at Monash. She had a medicine offer from University of Queensland as well. Thank you for all your support throughout the year. The UMAT course and the interview help our daughter received from you was an invaluable experience. I will ensure to recommend your services at our school. Thanks again (P.A.)

Hi Sasha. I just spoke to Zobair today to give him the good news that I did make it into UNSW Medicine. Thank you guys for all of the support and training you had given me for both the UMAT and Interview. It is all greatly appreciated. (P.L.)

Hi Sasha, I am just letting you know that 'S.N' was offered a place at Bond last week. The training that you provided really helped her. Thank you so much! Best wishes (E.S.)

Hi NIE. My elder son did your interview course last year and was very-very happy with it. He got into UNSW. Now my younger son completed your UMAT course and got 98th percentile. The Interview offers are not out yet, but we would like to start the interview training early so that we don't miss out later. Please, if you could pre-book 'S.N' into one of your interview training sessions. Thank you. (D.A.)

I have done the interview training workshop with your tutors and it was great and awesome experience. I strongly recommend you guys to do it with NIE as you can get very important information and training to prepare , don't miss it out!!

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