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Pranami Gamage

  • Medical interviews coach
  • Experienced tutor working with high achieving students
  • Experienced tutor working with high achieving students
  • Current medical student at La Trobe University

Pranami is currently dual enrolled, studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Medical)/Doctor of Medicine degree at La Trobe University/The University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Laws (with honors) at Monash University. Pranami grew up in Bendigo where she graduated from Girton Grammar School in 2020 where she was offered interviews for medicine across multiple Australian universities. However, her passion for rural and remote medicine brought her back to Bendigo to study Medicine at her hometown.

Pranami has multiple years of experience working in childcare, as well as experience in one-on-one tutoring with high school students. Her unique experience as a dual-enrolled student, also studying Law at Monash, has further provided her with a unique perspective on situational judgment and interview questions. Her training and work with NIE combined with her passion for medicine makes her eager to help students with their medical admissions.

Pranami has held many leadership roles during her time at University. At Monash, she was appointed as a residential advisor at Monash Residential Services in 2022, where she was awarded ‘Best residential advisor for Urban Community’ in 2022. She has also been newly appointed as the Indigenous Health Officer for the La Trobe Rural Health Club in 2024, hoping to bring awareness to the importance of Indigenous Health within Australia. Pranami has also been awarded many scholarships during her time at University. She was awarded the Monash Potential Access Scholarship in both 2021 and 2022, as well as the La Trobe STEM scholarship since 2022 for her accomplishments in science and medicine.

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