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Medical Interviews and Effective Communication Skills Workshop

Are Your Students Ready for their Medical Interview?  Will they achieve success? Will they be at their best? 

Posted: October 08, 2020

Medical Interviews and Effective Communication Skills Workshop


Since 2001, NIE's medical interview training has been unparalleled and incomparable in content, quality, and value to any other course provider in the industry. Give us a call, speak to the Interviews Coordinator, and find out the key information today!

Are Your Students Ready for their Medical Interview?  

Will they achieve success?

Will they be at their best? 

Are they prepared enough to gain an edge required to outperform the other candidates?

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Medical School Interview Preparation with our Senior Interview Trainers

 Live Online Interactive Training


In-Person Attendance Class

Next Intensive Interview Workshop training date (limited spots left)

17 & 18 November 2020, 10:00am - 5:00pm each day (AEDT) 

ENROL today to avoid disappointment of missing out!

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 Every student enrolled in the Interview Workshop will receive a complimentary copy of the

NIE Interview Techniques Textbook

Every serious undergraduate applicant MUST take the interview process very seriously and do not ever play it down. Every year we deal with the aftermath of "I should be right" attitude. Quite often this attitude results in the applicant realising that they have failed the interview by the time the second question is being asked. You must understand that while not everyone requires extensive preparation, everyone does need to prepare to some extent in order not live things for chance. Remember...medical interview is NOT just a chat! 

Read about Medical Interviews

Read about why early interview preparation is highly recommended



Here is a list of services offered through the National Institute of Education for your medical interview preparation and readiness. 

1. We have arranged a number of intensive interview preparation workshops. Some are run as in-person events, others will be run as a small-group, Live Online Interactive programs. Note that online classes are run over two days of 7-hour lessons, so that we are able to spend ample time, with each participant during the live-online classroom. Click here to view the available dates and location.

2. Confidence Strategy Interactive Webinar: If you feel that lack of confidence during the interview may cause you problems, then you may wish to attend one of these confidence-building specifically catered workshops. Click here to see the dates.

3. We have also created an Advanced Interview Training Program for those of you who do not wish to leave a single stone unturned. To read more about this program and the available dates click here.

5. At NIE we also offer 1-on-1 personalised interview training as well. 

4. Alternatively, if you are struggling with time and would opt for a more casual start or you are simply not confident about your marks, then we highly recommend that you at least start by reading books to do with the medical interviews and preparation techniques. For book titles please visit NIE Bookshop.



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NIE's Medical Interview Training Services


If you wish to complete one-on-one personalised interview training as well. 

Medical Interview Training - Advanced Studio

Interview Confidence Building Skills

Med School University Application Tips

Bond University - Psychometric Test and Interview Preparation

Preparing for Medical Interviews. The structured panel, semi-structured interviews, and MMI

How do MMI Medical Interviews Function at Australian Universities

Why study Medicine? Entry from a current Undergraduate Medicine Student at Monash University

Studying Medicine in Australia. What are the time commitments of a medical student?


Details about available UCAT and Interview preparation resources and services NIE offers can be downloaded below.

Download: Preparing for UCAT & Interviews  

UCAT  Preparation

Students, who will be completing UCAT in 2021, should ensure their exam-readiness and continue with consistent UCAT preparation.

Year 10 and 11 students are encouraged to consider early exam training.  Being UCAT-ready means being well-informed as well as practising UCAT-style questions consistently over a longer period of time as opposed to leaving it until the time when you need to devote full attention to Year 12 work.

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17 October 2020 - intensive UCAT Training Workshop - LIVE ONLINE INTERACTIVE

Do not delay your UCAT-readiness!



If your students are looking for a complete and in-depth UCAT preparation option, then they might like to consider either the UCAT Comprehensive Course or  UCAT Advanced Course.


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