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Considering applying to Bond University Medicine?

Don't miss the deadline to apply!

Posted: January 26, 2022

Considering applying to Bond University Medicine?

Don't miss the deadline to apply!


Thursday, 27 January 2022 (Midnight QLD time)

QTAC applications close to the Bond University Medical Program (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Friday, 28 January 2022 (4.30pm QLD time)

Deadline for all supporting documentation to be provided to QTAC by applicants where QTAC requests additional documents.


Final session - don't miss it!
4 or 9 February 2024 


Psychometric Test Knowledge for Medical Entry (6.5-hour webinar)


The webinar is conducted by renowned interview coach, advanced communications strategist, author, and psychological consultant, Luan Williams.

  • Why is it that the most emotionally intelligent people can sometimes fail emotional intelligence tests?
  • And why is it that those with great personalities to practice medicine sometimes can't pass a simple personality test for medical entry?

Bond Psychometric Test 

A useful knowledge about Bond psychometric test can be obtained in this fun and challenging 6.5-hour webinar that focuses exclusively on the Bond Psychometric Tests in Emotional Intelligence and Personality, exploring how they measure the most important aspects of YOU using standardised metrics. Learn what they are actually measuring, and learn how you can become a better applicant and a better doctor by approaching these tests the right way.

Don't try to trick the test. BE BETTER. Be you.

But be the version of you that has prepared the right way – meaning, as an aspiring medical applicant, who is not afraid to put in the hard work and self-development that the university is seeking.

Don't get confused. Get prepared!!

Can anxiety affect your test answers? Yes.

Does reading the scales wrongly contribute to a large number of incorrect answers? Yes.

Can these tests read your mind? No.

Are there checklists you can complete in your head to help you along? Yes.

Do you need to approach visual stimuli differently compared to written stimuli? Yes.

Are these tests experienced the same for everyone, from all backgrounds? No.

Can these tests tell if you're lying? Well, yes and no – it's complicated.

Some questions you may have may not have the easiest answers, but then again, medicine is not the easiest profession... Bring your curiosity. Bring your work ethic. Bring your logic, your empathy, and your commitment to seeing things in a fresh and exciting new way. It's important to be well prepared and knowledgeable to sit this pair of tests. The question is, how do you prepare? And do you have what it takes to put in the introspection, self-awareness, and development-of-self needed to ace a test that is employed to ensure that only the most appropriate people gain a valuable place as a protector of today's most vulnerable? And just as importantly – Are you that person?

Prepare yourself for hard work

Be willing to look inside and measure yourself against the personality traits that are needed to make good doctors and medical students. How is resilience measured differently in emotional intelligence tests compared to personality tests? Does your agreeableness make you look weak? Is your independence the good kind, or the weird kind? Is trust good or bad in the sense of this test? What words provide the best reminders of what is being measured? Have you always completely misunderstood what extraversion means, and is it going to blow your chances on your most important day?

There are no shortcuts here.

Come along and learn how to put in the genuine effort and cognitive curiosity to pass your psychometric tests the first time, so you can really earn your place at the table.

Who needs this type of training?

  • If you don't know how it feels when you choose the correct answer in emotional intelligence, you will need training.
  • If you don't use step-by-step cognitive strategies for increasing your chances of answering questions correctly, you will need training.
  • If you are not aware of your own emotional biases and how they tempt you into revealing your worst aspects, you will need training.
  • If you don't understand how high-scoring and low-scoring test-takers give themselves away on the bell curve, you will need training.
  • And if you do not understand the strengths and weaknesses of these specific test types and how certain items interact differently with certain types of people, you would benefit from some training.

Student Outcomes

This training is for the high achiever who wants to gain a general understanding of the Bond Psychometric Test and the test-taking process; specifically what is being looked for in regards to emotional intelligence and personality for Bond Medical Entry. This may include those who have missed out on gaining a 4.5-hour training session with one of our skilled psychometric test trainers, test writers, or psychological coaches, or those who remain on the Waiting List for training.




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