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Bond Medicine Interview

QTAC status and Interview Preparation

Posted: February 17, 2024

Did you apply to Bond University Medicine 2024?

Your QTAC status and what happens over the next 14 days

  • Interview invitations for Bond University started to come out on 16 February 2024.
  • Applicants selected for interview will receive an email notification.
  • 27 February - 1 March 2024: Interviews will be conducted on campus at Bond University.
  • QTAC Interview Status definitions:

     SELECTED: You have been selected for an interview. 
     PENDING: Processing for this information has not commenced.

  • Applicants with PENDING QTAC STATUS may receive communication from Bond by 27 Feb 2024.
  • Applicants unsuccessful in receiving an interview will have their QTAC status updated on 1 March 2024.

Bond Medical Interview will assess candidates’ suitability for success in the program and subsequent clinical practice. The interview will be in Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) format.  The offer to study medicine at Bond University will be based on the candidate's interview performance. 

Do not underestimate the interview process. Your performance will be guided by a wide variety of elements such as preparation, self-understanding, specific knowledge, the ability to perform and communicate under pressure and, what some might call, your charm and presentation skills. Your ability to display an intriguing or attractive and proactive personality.

Bond University Medical Interview Training Recommendations

At NIE we offer several exclusively developed services to prepare students for their upcoming medical interview.

If you have not had any prior interview preparation, or you are not feeling confident in your interviewing skills, then we recommend the Interview Training Package, which includes an intensive 2-day Interview Training Workshop, and a personalised 3 hour 1-on-1 training session with one of the NIE expert coaches

If you had prior interview preparation, and feel that you can benefit from personalised 1-on-1 coaching to improve particular areas of your interviewing skills, as well as undergoing a full mock interview with constructive feedback, then 3 hours of 1-on-1 interview training is an option for you to consider. 

Extra services to consider if you would like to address your communication skills, confidence, and skill-building for role-play/acting scenario MMI stations. 

Mock Interview with Constructive Feedback

This 2-hour coaching tune-up session is designed and catered for those who are already confident in their interview skills but would like some extra practice to put their skills to the test by undergoing a full mock interview with constructive feedback on their performance. 

MMI Role-play Training

In addition to the above, as Bond often uses acting scenario stations as part of their MMI, if you would like to receive extra coaching for role-play/acting scenario stations, we offer specialised 1-on-1 Role-play Training for Medical Interviews.

Interview Confidence and Communication Skills

26 February -  'Luan Williams' Bond University MMI Interview Strategy and Confidence Webinar' is the final stage of preparation for the upcoming interview. This webinar is a great option for students who wish to boost their confidence level for the upcoming interview by strengthening their communication skills.

   **Please note, 1-on-1 sessions have limited availability.  Please contact us to check for available sessions.

Reviews & Testimonials

We hope the above information will help you to choose a suitable interview training service/s that will assist you or your child in successfully preparing for the upcoming Bond Medical Interview.

Best wishes

Sasha Tymoshenko
Education Specialist / NIE Course Coordinator 
The National Institute of Education 

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