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UMAT Preparation Books

Printed fresh every year, and containing all updated information.

There are 8 books in Premium and DLP UMAT Preparation Courses and 10 books in the Platinum and Platinum DLP Courses.

Construct Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving (previously known as Section 1), Construct Understanding People (previously known as Section 2) and Construct Non-verbal Reasoning (previously known as Section 3), Starter Pack, UMAT Interview Techniques, Time Trial Tests, UMAT Starter pack, UMAT Update Pack, Final Trial Test, Platinum Pack 1, and Platinum Pack 2. These hard-copy books and tests set you in the right mode for the exam, which is not digitally administered but taken sitting at a desk with a book and pencil.

To get you underway immediately, Book 6 – UMAT Starter Pack will be emailed out to you directly in a printable PDF format. The ‘Starter Pack’ contains everything you will need to get started: all the information and strategies to understand, prepare for and succeed during such a ‘highly speeded psychometric exam’. It includes chapters on the anatomy of the UMAT, specific strategies, developing the required reading skills, advice on study, applications and UMAT Prep and numerous practice questions from all three UMAT constructs (previously known as Sections 1, 2 and 3).

For Premium or DLP Course students Books 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (as well as additional Book 9 and 10 for Platinum Course students) will arrive in the mail within couple of days after finalising your UMAT NIE enrolment. Book 7 – UMAT 2013 Update Pack will be emailed out to you in a printable PDF format, and Book 8 Trial Test Paper will be administered at your chosen one day workshop (or mailed out to you if you are doing the DLP course). Mailing costs within Australia are covered by NIE.

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